HUSPI Projects Portfolio

We have worked on numerous projects throughout our company’s existence and here are a few of them. Learn more about each client in more detail.

Chornobyl App by HUSPI

Analytics Dashboard

Whitelabel Analytics Prototype

GraphGaze is a white-label Business Intelligence (BI) platform prototype designed to empower businesses of all sizes to harness the power of data analytics.

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EMR/EHR Integration

Utilization Review Automation

The platform integrates seamlessly with Electronic Health Records (EHR) systems, ensuring efficient data exchange and eliminating the need for manual data entry.


Pharmacy Ecommerce

Custom E-commerce Website

MedNex is an online marketplace for medicines custom-developed by HUSPI with the primary feature of quick delivery and wide availability of options.

Chornobyl App by HUSPI

Chornobyl App

Mobile App with AR Features

An education & travel mobile app about the Chornobyl catastrophe and the aftermath of it.

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Custom Order Management System

Together with the Egersund team, we digitalized the processes and reduced human errors to increase productiveness.


OurDim Deals

Property Sales Mobile App

A mobile app prototype that simplifies real estate searches and makes this process more enjoyable for everyone.

Chornobyl App by HUSPI

MyBio Store

Organic Food Delivery Service

HUSPI developed a complete interconnected system of software for MyBio, a German organic food delivery service.


Parliament Go

Mobile App with AR Features

The Parliament Go app is aimed at people curious about the law-making process and a glimpse behind the scenes.

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Payroll Management

Fintech Product for the Swiss Market

We’ve built an innovative payroll software for our client that takes the burden of payroll processing off people’s shoulders. 



Online payment platform & integration with kiosks

HUSPI’s role was to update the online payment system, create mobile and web apps, a custom B2B area, and update the client interface.

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Mobile App with AR Features

HeForShe and UN Women in conjunction with the National Arts Museum of Ukraine (NAMU) worked with HUSPI to create a virtual gallery mobile app.

Chornobyl App by HUSPI

Reha Stim MedTec

Stroke patient rehab games & doctors’ dashboard

Controlling and enhancing the brain damage rehabilitation process with the help of digital tools.

Mental Health Tracking App by HUSPI

Mental Health App

Tracker App with Analytics & Dashboard

UHLD empowers working psychologists to proactively track their patients’ mental health through a user-friendly mobile app.

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IT & business processes consulting & development

The HUSPI team joined the MIRS staff to redesign the internal online business processes and ensure optimal IT infrastructure for them.



Custom publishing platform for AgroTech companies

HUSPI and Airfarm developed a resource for sharing agriculture-related content and research.

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Digital auction for real estate properties

Digital auction for real estate’s buying, selling, renting, and investing purposes simplifies these processes and makes them more secure and trackable.

Chornobyl App by HUSPI

Receipt Recognition

Mobile app with OCR

Receipt management is important for tracking one’s expenses. We have created an OCR (optical character recognition) mobile app to automate data input.


Steel Plant Management

Entire lifecycle process management

HUSPI joined forces with Upside Digital, one of our partners, to work on an industrial-level ERP solution for steel factory management.

Chornobyl App by HUSPI

edAR Exhibitions

Mobile App with AR Features

edAR is a mobile app with augmented reality features to enhance educational opportunities for everyone.


BonusDIM Mobile App

Exclusive Loyalty Benefits for Tenants & Business

Bring additional value to your tenants as well as local businesses in your neighborhood by uniting them in a loyalty benefits mobile app.

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OurDim Platform

Real Estate Sharing Economy Platform

We’ve created an easily customizable platform that motivates people to share goods, services, and areas.

Chornobyl App by HUSPI

RolBox Gift Registry

Mobile App for Wishlists

RolBox is the ultimate Wishlist & Gift Registry App. Create your personal wishlist & track all the must-haves for your family and friends.


ABC Reader

Educational Mobile App

An engaging mobile app that uses proven teaching methods to introduce Ukrainian reading skills to children aged 4 and up.

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ABC Land Alphabet

Educational Mobile App

Open the door to the enchanting world of letters with ABC Land, a mobile app specially designed for children ages 3 and up.

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