OurDim Sharing Economy Platform

Making it easy to go green is one of the vital and truly value-added features right now that real estate developers can offer their clients. We’ve created an easily customizable platform that motivates people to share goods, services, and areas.


Real Estate, PropTech

Tech Stack

Node.js, React, TypeScript, jQuery


PM, Designer, Backend developer, Frontend developer, and QA engineer

Add a green feature to your real estate property

Sharing economy is a great way to introduce the notion of “sharing is caring” idea to your real estate buyers. Besides saving their money on purchasing a bunch of different things, this also helps to build community, simplify the process of going green, and offer a wider variety of available goods.

The platform itself is easily customizable. The default version of the platform includes the following features:

  • Personal account with a history of shared goods & services
  • Ability to create posts about shareable equipment
  • Ability to book property’s common facilities such as gym, tennis courts, BBQ places, etc., and see a calendar of availability
  • Ability to split a bill in case something is purchased together with a neighbor (for example, a snow shovel.)
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