OurDim Sharing Economy Platform

Making it easy to go green is one of the vital and truly value-added features right now that real estate developers can offer their clients. We’ve created an easily customizable platform that motivates people to share goods, services, and areas.


Real Estate, PropTech

Tech Stack

Node.js, React, TypeScript, jQuery


PM, Designer, Backend developer, Frontend developer, and QA engineer

Promote sustainability with an eco-friendly addition to your property

Embrace the ethos of “sharing is caring” by integrating a sustainable feature into your real estate offering. The sharing economy not only helps your buyers save on unnecessary expenses but also fosters a sense of community, streamlines eco-conscious practices, and provides an expanded array of accessible resources.

Our platform is designed for effortless customization. The default configuration boasts the following functionalities:

  1. Personalized Account: Maintain a comprehensive record of shared commodities and services.
  2. Shareable Equipment Posts: Easily create and view posts related to items available for sharing.
  3. Access to Common Amenities: Seamlessly reserve communal facilities like gyms, tennis courts, BBQ spots, etc., with an availability calendar at your disposal.
  4. Collaborative Billing: Effortlessly split costs when co-purchasing items with neighbors, promoting a cooperative spirit (e.g., joint acquisition of a snow shovel).

Step into a greener future with our forward-thinking features, enabling you to enhance your property’s appeal while contributing to a sustainable way of living.

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