OurDim Sharing Economy Platform

Making it easy to go green is one of the vital and truly value-added features right now that real estate developers can offer their clients. We’ve created an easily customizable platform that motivates people to share goods, services, and areas.


Real Estate, PropTech

Tech Stack

Node.js, React, TypeScript, jQuery


PM, Designer, Backend developer, Frontend developer, and QA engineer

OurDim: Fostering Sustainability Through the Sharing Economy

Challenge: Promote eco-friendly living and resource sharing within residential communities.

HUSPI’s Solution: OurDim, is a web platform & mobile app prototype designed for the sharing economy within real estate properties.

Promoting Sustainability:

  • Reduced Consumption & Waste: OurDim encourages residents to share resources like tools and equipment, minimizing unnecessary individual purchases and reducing overall waste.

Effortless Customization:

  • Personalized Accounts: Residents maintain a clear overview of shared items and services.
  • Flexible Posting System: Easy creation and viewing of posts for items available for sharing.

HUSPI: Building a Sustainable Future

OurDim exemplifies HUSPI’s commitment to developing innovative solutions that promote eco-friendly practices and a more sustainable future. By fostering a sharing economy within residential communities, OurDim empowers residents to live greener and build stronger connections with their neighbors.

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Benefits for Residents:

  • Cost Savings: Residents can save money by sharing resources instead of buying them outright.
  • Enhanced Community: The app fosters a sense of community and collaboration among residents.
  • Simplified Amenity Access: Effortless reservation system for shared amenities like gyms and common areas.
  • Streamlined Split Billing: Conveniently split costs for co-purchased items, promoting cooperation amongst neighbors.

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