Looking for a business partner?

Partnership with HUSPI

If you know people who might need customized software solutions or IT consulting in the area of business process optimization and automation, feel free to send them our way.

Who can be a partner?


Sometimes, a client needs a technology that doesn’t meet your company’s technical profile. Send them our way and we can send clients that match your profile your way.


Having a trusted development partner you can recommend to your clients is a good idea. We can work together to bring even more value to the businesses we work with.

HUSPI Clients

You have worked with us and know our strengths, therefore your recommendation is worth its weight in gold. We’d love you to spread the word about us.

HUSPI Partnerhip Facts

Project Size

We accept referrals with estimations starting at $10,000 and preferably over 3 months of work at least.


Our technologies are focused on JavaScript frameworks & libraries. We also have expertise in AR technology. (We don’t do PHP.)


Our core expertise industries include Real Estate, FinTech, Agriculture, MedTech, and industrial-level digitalization solutions.