Taking your business to a new digital level

Digitalization is a trendy word right now, but what does it mean for your particular business? It’s our aim to help small and medium-sized companies thrive in the data-driven world with the help of software solutions.

How do we do that? We consult and develop software for our clients that help to simplify processes, reduce routine, and increase efficiency.

For Real Estate

We have built custom instruments for our PropTech clients such as digital auction platforms, ERPs, frontend and backend solutions for apartment management capability, and many others.

For Agriculture

We believe AgroTech has a lot of potential by implementing digital solutions. We’ve had experience with land and heavy machinery management, gamification elements for clients, and others.

For Retail

Adding digital tools for retail and food businesses helps to reach a lot more customers. We’ve built order management systems, delivery apps, and payment options, among many other solutions.

We develop software that reduces routine and increases ROI

We provide IT and business processes consulting

There is a lot of software available on the market, but purchasing an expensive solution won’t work unless it meets your business goals and objectives.

We come as independent advisors to bring an external look at the processes inside the company and translate the goals and ideas into a technical task description for developers.

Alex and Andrey Working

We build web-based systems & integrated mobile apps

We develop, digitalize, automate, and optimize your business processes to increase your income and ROI with the help of web and mobile applications.

Our tech stack includes JavaScript and its frameworks for web and mobile, as well as Augmented Reality (AR) technologies for mobile apps.

Our Clients Portfolio

Built a platform for communication and information sharing among agricultural market leaders.

Created an AR mobile app for tourists and those who are interested in learning more about Chernobyl.

Developed the microservice platform for updated business processes and updated the UI/UX of the service.

Reformatted and digitalized business processes for online and offline stores as well as delivery processes.

Developed an app for communication and knowledge sharing in a closed business community.

Launched a website for retail and distribution purposes connected with updated business processes.

Built a system for monitoring and analyzing the rehab statistics of brain injury patients integrated with hardware IoT solutions.

Created an app with Augmented Reality to act as a digital guide for an art exhibition and news source about the event.

The mobile applications we created

We create cross-platform mobile applications using React Native and other JavaScript-based technologies. The majority of our clients’ apps are available for both Google Play as well as for Apple AppStore.

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There’s one main thing about us: we value each other and we value our clients. We think that respect and honesty are the key aspects of successful cooperation and we stand by them.

Solving business challenges
and digitalizing processes
is like a puzzle assembly. We enjoy both.

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