Integrating efficient payment solutions

FinTech Innovation: Unleash Your Growth Potential

Streamline payments, empower users, and revolutionize your financial services with custom FinTech software solutions.

Custom Software & Third-party Integrations

We develop FinTech products that automate payments, reduce manual work, provide financial analysis, and help manage the business and accounting in a more efficient and secure way.

Improved customer fintech experience

Customer Experience

Create such a payment experience that simplifies the process and makes it easier to use for the end clients.

Payment Kiosk integration

Kiosk Integration

Increase your company’s market presence by being more accessible to your clients with the help of payment kiosk integration.

Financial analytics

Financial Analytics

Add analytical instruments for financial management to provide useful insights for your business and clients.

Digital infrastructure

Digital Infrastructure

Increase the efficiency and scalability of your products by taking advantage of cloud technology and microservice architecture.

Process automation

Process Automation

Reduce human error and time necessary for routine financial operations by automating them.

Data Security

Data Security

Protect your business and customers’ details with the latest cybersecurity measures for data processing and storage.

Third-party Integration

Third-party Integration

Take advantage of the existing products on the market to strengthen yours.

FinTech Consulting

FinTech Consulting

Find out how to benefit from FinTech integration in the most efficient way.

Product Innovation

Product Innovation

Take your products to the next level with new and updated features.

Our FinTech Achievements


The gross profit of our client’s online business increased by 5.4 times.


The efficiency of the software development department increased by 4.7 times.


The marketplace conversion doubled after the updated system integration.

Our FinTech Clients

Payment Platforms

EasyPay is the leader of the payment system market in Ukraine which allows customers to pay for over 3,000 services at more than 13,000 financial kiosks throughout Ukraine as well as through an online portal.

We upgraded the system to become more user-friendly and streamlined to increase the market share among online payment solutions.

Insurance Solutions

HUSP/ developed solutions for the sale of insurance policies through self-service terminals with automatic recognition of scanned documents, selection of the best options for insurance companies, and printing policy information. 

We also created a client site for purchasing policies online via the Internet.

Banking Equipment

We developed an ecosystem for self-service terminals (pseudo-ATM) with advanced functionality from scratch.

The features included currency exchange, international transfers (Western Union, Moneygram), MasterCard and Visa card transactions, bank transfers via account details or QR codes, and cryptocurrency transactions.

Let’s innovate together

Modernize Payments:

Integrate efficient payment solutions for a seamless user experience.

Embrace Innovation:

Leverage cutting-edge FinTech solutions to stay ahead of the curve.

Empower Users:

Develop user-centric financial services that cater to evolving needs.

Accelerate Growth:

Unlock new opportunities and scale your FinTech business with custom software.