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PropTech: Digital Transformation for Real Estate

Real Estate is literally a brick-and-mortar industry. When it comes to property management, however, many things can be automated and optimized.

Building software solutions for the built environment

We aim to help Real Estate & PropTech companies reach their business goals and objectives by building and customizing software solutions that simplify internal as well as external processes.

For owners
  • manage properties and apartments via CRM
  • analyze and optimize utility costs
  • communicate with tenants and collect payments
For sellers
  • promote your services with realtors’ and brokers’ tools
  • check your clients’ credit scores
  • get analytical tools for fair market appraisals
For service providers
  • offer interior design services online via 3D technology
  • communicate with your clients
  • manage your supply chain
  • generate leads with the help of CRM systems

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Our Real Estate Expertise

Real Estate Digital Auctions

Digitalizing real estate trading platforms for convenient bidding procedures and auctions for both buyers and sellers.

Management Dashboards

Having all of the information about one or more properties in one centralized hub saves time and resources.

Real Estate Landing Pages

Providing key information about the properties in order to simplify the sales process as well as offer a main hub for inquiries.

3D Interior Design Platforms

Finding an interior designer who fits the style expectations, connecting with them, and creating the design via a 3D visualization platform together.

Mortgage Digitalization

Making the process of purchasing a house or an apartment possible and more convenient for everyone involved.

Real Estate Digital Marketing

Setting up marketing dashboards for real estate properties and websites to glean important business insights.

House real estate develop proptech

While Real Estate is mostly about immovable objects (houses, apartments, commercial buildings), digitalization is changing the property management processes.

There are things like smart home appliances and everything from the Internet of Things area. But property management is focused on a different thing: it’s about using data science, digital marketing, business intelligence, and ERPs to simplify the actual management processes – whether it’s renting out properties, or getting your mortgage, or designing the interior just the way you want.

The buildings remain where they were, but both customers and property managers have a wide variety of tools to optimize their business processes by:

  • Changing the work approach in general
  • Optimizing business processes with technologies
  • Transforming the way employees and employers think

Our Real Estate Clients

Real estate digitalization is made possible with data analytics, service integration, and business intelligence.

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Focus on your core business and let us take care of the rest.

You know your real estate business goals and KPIs. We know how to build software that helps businesses reach those goals in a more efficient way.