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Improving Patient and Medical Staff Experience

We are committed to delivering cutting-edge web & mobile solutions, tailored to increase efficiency and automate routine operations to improve people’s experience.

Creating efficiency / Focusing on patients

We have over 9 years of developing healthcare and other software. As a result, we have built strong expertise in the following areas of healthtech industry:

Patient engagement tools

A user-friendly mobile application empowering individuals to monitor and manage their mental health through personalized tracking and engagement features.

Patient CRM apps

Comprehensive customer relationship management applications designed for healthcare settings, streamlining patient interactions, appointments, and communication to enhance overall patient experience.

Rehab therapeutics analytics

Advanced analytics tools tailored for rehabilitation professionals, providing insights into patient progress, treatment efficacy, and outcome measurements to optimize therapeutic interventions.


Virtual healthcare solutions enable remote consultations, diagnosis, and treatment, fostering accessibility and convenience for patients while reducing geographical barriers.

EHR integration

Seamless integration tools facilitate the incorporation of Electronic Health Records (EHR) into healthcare systems, promoting efficient data sharing, and improving overall care coordination.

CDI medical texts

Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI) tools for medical professionals, enhancing accuracy and completeness in patient records through intelligent documentation processes, ensuring better quality of healthcare data.

What our clients say

“They weren’t afraid of the challenges and found ways to do what we wanted the app to do.”

Mobile App Dev for Health Tech Company
Sujati L.

CTO at UHLD Universal Health

“They strove to understand our obstacles and bottlenecks better than we were able to ourselves.”

Dashboard for Bio-Technology Company
Iryna F.

COO at Neural Solution

“Their responsiveness to requests we’ve made during the project is outstanding.”

Reporting System for Healthtech Firm
Gary H.

CTO at Reha Stim MedTec


We look forward to using our software development experience to improve the healthcare and medical industry’s business processes. If you’re looking for a development partner, let us know.

Our Healthcare Experience

EHR Mobile App for Doctors & Nurses
  • Intuitive interface for doctors and nurses with quick access to key EHR functions.
  • Graphic representation of medical records and the ability to quickly input new information.
  • Functionality for generating reports and data analysis to facilitate decision-making processes.
EHR Features as Separate Services
  • Separate modules or distinct applications for different departments with unique needs.
  • Each service has its interface and functionality optimized for the specific department – be it surgery, ER, or long-term care.
  • Integration capabilities with other systems and data exchange to ensure a unified medical ecosystem.
Patient Personal Medical Cabinet
  • Convenient and secure login for patients with the ability to view their medical records.
  • Graphic representation of lab results, prescriptions, and consultations for easy understanding by the patient.
  • Functionality for appointment scheduling, ordering medications, or consulting with medical professionals online.

Let’s build something together

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