AirFarm Publishing Platform for Agriculture Businesses & Investors

Airfarm is a farmer network created by high-level farmers and agriculture business holders.

The main aim of the platform HUSPI and Airfarm worked on is networking, sharing valuable agriculture-related content and research, and exchanging information free of charge.

airfarm computer


Tech Stack

Node JS, Vue, MongoDB


PM, 2 Backend developers

Custom Publishing Platform

Building a community that promotes networking and information exchange. For this project, we have collaborated with AirFarm’s own software and mobile developers to augment their team and add more working power.

While Airfarm’s developers have focused on two native mobile apps for iOS and Android platforms, the HUSPI team has worked on three main tasks:

  1. Airfarm website: we have designed and developed a multilingual informational website.
  2. Airfarm API: the main tool for interconnectedness for the entire infrastructure: the website, mobile apps, and the publisher desktop apps.
  3. Airfarm Publisher: dedicated desktop apps for Mac and Windows with rich functionality.

The publisher is the main product that allows registered users to create, manage, and publish articles and research tables on various agricultural topics, such as crops, farm animals and livestock, industry forecasts, etc.

The articles have a wide variety of filters and can be published on an individual schedule, according to topics, countries, and specific regions.

There are also monetization options. One of the main monetization methods for the content is channels. Channels can be public and private (depending on the audience) as well as paid and free (depending on the subscription model.)

Download the client apps

About AirFarm

Airfarm is a business network and exclusive club for farmers and their business partners. Born in the fields, built by innovators, we grow with each farmer’s success. We provide technology to consume news, collaborate and build trusted relationships.

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