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ABCLand: A Magical World of Letters for Kids

Open the door to the enchanting world of letters with ABC Land, a mobile app specially designed for children ages 3 and up!

Engaging Features:

  • Charming Rhymes: After each game, little ones are greeted with short rhymes from renowned Ukrainian poets such as Varvara Hrynko, Natalia Zabyla, Hanna Rymar, and more.
  • Learning Through Repetition: Games are built on the principle of maximum repetition, helping children memorize letters quickly and easily.
  • School Methodology: Alphabet letters are grouped according to school methodology, ensuring a systematic approach to learning.
  • Learn and Play: We recommend first learning the letters in the “Learn” tab and then reinforcing knowledge through fun games in the “Play” tab.
  • Time Control: You can control how much time your child spends in the app.

Fun-Filled Learning: Kids love to tap their fingers on everything on the phone screen, so we’ve incorporated this into creating activities – pointing, collecting, and audio sounds.

Cultural Component: Ukrainians should know how to read in Ukrainian because it is part of our culture and our identity. The app uses poems by famous Ukrainian poets such as Varvara Hrynko, Natalia Zabyla, Hanna Rymar, and others.

Repetition Games: Learned a letter? Great! Now you can play and repeat what you’ve learned to make it stick. And our dog Gavchik will help you on your adventures.

A Little Coffee Break for Parents: If you want to sit back and have a cup of coffee while your child is busy with something, but your conscience is bothering you for the “uselessness”, ABC Land comes to the rescue – games with benefits!

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Additional Benefits:

  • Builds a strong foundation for literacy and language development
  • Encourages creativity and imagination
  • Promotes hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills
  • Provides a safe and engaging learning environment

Download ABC Land today and help your child embark on a magical journey of learning and fun!

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