Receipt Recognition & Management Mobile App

Receipt management is important for tracking one’s expenses. We have created an OCR (optical character recognition) mobile app to automate data input.


Business Services

Tech Stack

Google Cloud Platform, Docker, Python, Flask, Tensor Flow, Keras, Jupyter, React Native


Backend developer, QA engineer, React Native developer

Less manual input, more control

Tracking expenses is not for the faint-hearted  When you have a mountain of receipts and checks, it’s important to enter all the data correctly. You can do it manually, but there is also an option to take advantage of the technologies we have on hand.

The mobile app we have worked on for our client’s business does just that – it uses phone cameras (thanks to Android and iPhone creators, who made them quite sophisticated) and optic character recognition or OCR functionality to identify the information on the receipt and file it into the correct place in the database.

The challenge we needed to tackle in the development of this app was the fact that restaurants and various businesses have different types of receipts.

  • The shapes of the receipts are different.
  • The information on the receipt is different – some might include tips, some might include VAT or some other taxes, and some just write down the purchased positions, their price, and total cost.
  • The same data can be located in different places on different receipts.

Our app recognizes the main information bits that are necessary for basic accounting purposes and as a result, it automates receipts management and frees a lot of time by removing boring routine operations.

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