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MIRS Corporation is a distributor of premium goods by world-renowned brands for kitchens like Liebherr, Oxo, Joseph Joseph, and others. They also work with the HORECA sector, proving access to high-quality dishes, household and professional kitchen appliances, and furniture.


Business Services, Ecommerce

Tech Stack

PHP / Laravel, REST API, Microsoft Navision, Microsoft Power BI, 1C, and POS software.


Senior business analyst, Senior IT project manager, and Database Architect

Streamlining Operations for Premium Brands

Challenge: MIRS Corporation, a distributor of high-end kitchenware brands, faced challenges scaling their business online. Traditional offline processes were inefficient, leading to financial losses and hindering online growth.

Double market orientation

The business needed to efficiently cater to the needs of both B2C and B2B at the same time.

Development directions

The business had several directions of development (appliances, HORECA, tableware, etc.) with different stages of independence.

Management instruments

The business didn’t have efficient and functional instruments for process management and support.

Client Needs:

  • Cost Reduction: Minimize internal costs associated with outdated processes.
  • Revenue Growth: Increase revenue generated through their online services division.
  • Dual Market Management: Effectively manage both B2C (direct-to-consumer) and B2B (wholesale) channels.
  • Improved Process Management: Implement efficient tools to streamline operations across different business sectors (appliances, HORECA, tableware).

HUSPI’s Solution:

HUSPI partnered with MIRS Corporation to develop a comprehensive digitalization strategy. This involved:

  • Business Process Analysis: A thorough evaluation of existing processes to identify areas for improvement.
  • Digital Transformation Roadmap: Develop a customized plan to optimize operations and support online growth.
  • Technology Implementation: Implementing appropriate software solutions to automate tasks and streamline workflows.
  • Integration & Data Management: Ensuring seamless integration between new systems and existing data infrastructure.

HUSPI’s Expertise:

This project highlights HUSPI’s capabilities in digital transformation. We partner with businesses to assess their needs, develop strategic roadmaps, and implement solutions that optimize operations and drive growth.

MIRS Corporation is a testament to HUSPI’s ability to deliver impactful results, allowing premium brands to thrive in the digital age.

“HUSPI reconfigured a CRM solution end-to-end. The new system replaced a core IT system and has diagnostic tracking features that measure operational success.

We’re happy with how the new platforms launched and have seen a successful ROI.

I found their level of professionalism especially impressive.”

vitaliy stratinsky
Vitaliy Stratinsky

CIO at MIRS Corporation


  • Enhanced Efficiency: Reduced internal costs by streamlining operations through automation and digital tools.
  • Increased Online Revenue: Improved online sales through a more user-friendly and efficient buying experience.
  • Effective Multi-Channel Management: Optimized processes cater to both B2C and B2B customer needs.
  • Improved Visibility & Control: Enhanced visibility into performance metrics and better control over critical business processes.

What has been done?

The MIRS Corporation employees in conjunction with the HUSPI team have done a tremendous amount of work in a relatively short period of time. Below are just a few of the things that we’ve done together.

Internal changes
  • We identified key criteria of the IT infrastructure: integrity, validity, timeliness, data security, and interface usability.
  • We audited the existing processes and IT systems and created a report with critical remarks and a roadmap for corrective and preventive measures.
  • We enhanced the IT and data security procedures.
  • We have rearchitected the data flow map for the updated systems.
  • We equipped the retail outlets of the company with real-time information exchange software.
  • We launched the CRM system to formalize and support the process of selling goods through various channels and partially updated accounting systems (ERP for retail businesses.)
  • We activated Business Intelligence tools to monitor business performance in real-time.
  • We replaced the IT system core to adjust data flow at a higher level due to infrastructure updates.
External changes

To build omnichannel communication with clients, monitor client behavior patterns, and provide relevant items, we needed to create a number of online e-commerce resources and set up real-time information flows that combine online and offline retail operations of MIRS Corporation.

  • We set up online e-commerce stores to offer another channel of goods distribution.
  • We updated retail outlets’ software to allow data exchange with e-commerce websites in real-time.
  • We integrated a unified CRM system, which consolidated the contacts of all MIRS Corporation customers from all retail sales points.
  • We implemented the mechanism for processing orders and customers’ tickets.
  • We integrated a content management platform to efficiently manage the listings.
  • We audited and updated regulations and business processes for retail chain employees.
  • We trained and held workshops for staff to educate them about the new systems and changes.
eCommerce Websites

We also created several online e-commerce websites for MIRS Corporation.

HUSPI Project Managers and Business Analysts have audited the websites and the backend systems and came up with a list of improvements:

  • Improving the user interface and experience
  • The goal was to create clear navigation to all available resources to the user, display relevant information, and provide requested services. Special attention was also dedicated to search forms and product filters.

As a result, we’ve got websites with:

  • List of goods for a given segment, including novelties and what’s expected at the stores
  • List of places where you can purchase the official equipment, including links to those sales sources
  • Useful content area with a blog section, company news, and catalogs that directly help raise customers’ loyalty as well as user engagement with the website
  • Various loyalty programs for the end customers and shares in sales points

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