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HUSPI’s role was to update the online payment system, create mobile and web apps, a custom B2B area, and update the client interface.


Food Retail & Distribution, Logistics, Delivery

Tech Stack

Angular, ASP.NET Web API, HTML5, Telerik, PowerBI, Azure, MSSQL


PM, Designer, 2 Backend developers, Frontend developer, Mobile developer, and QA engineer

Reasons for Changes & Need for Digitalization

EasyPay company began as a small startup and remained unchanged while being a leader in its segment. However, it’s impossible to remain a leader when you reach a stagnation point. Changes had to be made because the company started losing its position in the market.

The main issue was the loss of focus: too many side projects, no process analytics, and chaotically shared responsibility between employees based on the “Who’s free right now?” principle. The operational part of the business supplanted the commercial role.

EasyPay reached out to HUSPI for consulting and then for development.

Making online payments simple

The primary task set before the HUSPI team was to reorganize the team and digitalize operational processes taking the development to the next level.

  • Create a new interface with a higher usability level so that customers and administration could easily navigate the system
  • Improve the productivity of the resource taking into account the increased user load
  • Develop new features to match the requirements
  • Launch the updated financial marketplace (web and mobile apps), allowing the company to significantly improve the customer interaction channels’ management
  • Reorganize such departments as software development, project office, marketing, and BI monitoring.
  • Move to flexible project management methodology – SCRUM
  • Optimize communication channels with partners by creating personal accounts in the system
  • Build online systems for monitoring tech and business indicators on the basis of BI tools

The gross profit of the online business increased by 5.4 times.


The efficiency of the software development department increased by 4.7 times.


The marketplace conversion doubled after the updated system integration.


The average monthly growth of the system users has increased by at the level of +7%.


Satisfaction with cooperation among partners improved by 20%.

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About EasyPay

EasyPay is one of the largest electronic payments systems in Ukraine both for online channels (website, mobile apps, and instant payments on the internet) as well as offline (via 8,500+ financial kiosks.)

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