Digital Auction for Real Estate Properties

Digital auction for real estate’s buying, selling, renting, and investing purposes simplifies these processes and makes them more secure and trackable.

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Real Estate & PropTech

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Service that changes the real estate selling and buying process

We have worked with one of our clients on a PropTech product for everyone who is interested in real estate – agents, buyers, sellers, investors, etc.

Benefits of the system:

  • Increased transparency and fairness: A digital auction platform can provide all interested parties with real-time information about the bidding process, allowing for a more transparent and fair auction.
  • Convenience: Digital auctions allow for remote participation, eliminating the need for bidders to be physically present at the auction site. This can save time and travel costs for bidders.
  • Access to a broader pool of potential buyers: An online auction can reach a global audience, providing more potential buyers than a traditional, in-person auction.
  • Faster sales process: A digital auction can be completed in a shorter time period than a traditional auction, allowing for quicker sales and faster turnaround times for property owners.
  • Increased efficiency: A digital auction platform can automate many of the processes involved in an auction, such as tracking bids and managing paperwork, leading to increased efficiency and reduced errors.
  • Better pricing: The online auction process brings more competition and allows for better property pricing, as the bidders can bid from any location and in real-time, which can increase the final price.
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Check out the feedback of the product’s clients:

“We use [this product] in our real estate brokerage firm. An ideal tool for finding a fair and balanced sale price for a property. Transparent and professional.”

“[This product] is very helpful for optimal pricing and excellent results were obtained.”

“This platform is underestimated at first glance! Absolutely top and thought through to detail, I can only recommend it.“

“[This product] is by far the best provider for me. The price-performance ratio is unbeatable here. Highly recommended!”

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