MyBio Food Delivery Service

MyBio is a German company that provides organic food delivery services. HUSPI developed a complete interconnected system of software for MyBio.


Food Retail & Distribution, Logistics, Delivery

Tech Stack

React, NodeJS, Typescript, TypeORM, PostgreSQL, ReactNative


PM, Designer, 2 Backend developers, Frontend developer, Mobile developer, and QA engineer

Providing online access to organic food

MyBio is a service for organic food delivery in Munich, Germany. The two founders, Martin and Sven, wanted to make online food ordering available for organic meat and vegetables. Farmers’ markets are great, but they aren’t always accessible to busy city people who would love to eat good food nonetheless.

Therefore, the businessmen created a network with farmers and needed an efficient way to process online orders from clients.

The software product includes an order management system for incoming requests, a website that is integrated with the system, and mobile apps for workers. The system consists of five products:

  • Custom order management system for business administrators
  • Mobile app for food pickers and collectors
  • Mobile app for warehouse workers
  • Mobile app for couriers
  • E-commerce enabled website for clients
Download the client apps

Sven MyBio
MyBio food delivery service

About MyBio

The founders, Martin and Sven, started talking about the business in the middle of the pandemic. By now, MyBio already has 12 employees and a network of farmers. The organic delivery service in the Munich area ensures that sustainable agriculture can find its happy buyers. Green meadows, contentedly grazing cows, happily cackling chickens, peacefully ripening fruit – after all, enjoyment is for everyone! And now also available for online ordering.

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