OurDimDeals Real Estate Sales Mobile App

OurDimDeal – a mobile app prototype that can simplify real estate property searches and make this process more enjoyable for everyone.


Real Estate, PropTech

Tech Stack

React, Node.js


PM, Designer, Frontend Developer

Take advantage of people’s love for endless scrolling

OurDimDeals is a mobile app that provides a way for clients to interact seamlessly with real estate agents, property managers, and other stakeholders.

The main features of the prototype are the following: 

  • Endless scroll for listings, which helps to stay focused on the search without any interruptions.
  • Easy listing creation, which simplifies the routine work for the sellers and brokers by offering predefined options and an integrated property description generator option. 
  • Built-in messenger, which facilitates effective communication between sellers, buyers, and/or brokers.
  • Augmented reality feature, which enhances the user experience. The app incorporates an AR feature that allows users to generate live photos by scanning QR codes found on property listings. By pointing their device’s camera at the QR code, users can instantly visualize the property in real-time (Available for an additional fee.)
  • Role-based user profiles, which can be used by brokers, sellers, or buyers. Each role has its own flow for the property sale process.
  • Convenient search and filter options, which help to refine the criteria for the properties they see (location, price range, property type, number of bedrooms or bathrooms, etc.)
  • Saved searches and favorites, which provide the opportunity to take the time to make the decision without losing the properties you liked from sight. 

OurDimDeals app targets several of the challenges of developers, purchasers, and brokers, namely:

  1. Marketing & visibility options for the sellers. While OurDimDeals might not be the only platform to sell one’s real estate property, it is aimed to be easy to use and therefore adds more value and sense to marketing efforts. 
  2. Limited inventory for buyers. Given filters and search options, it’s easier to navigate various properties all over the country (or specific locations.) Often, the case for limited inventory isn’t the physical lack of housing, but the inability to find any information online. OurDimDeals focuses on simplifying the seller journey in order to make it easier to add properties.
  3. Technology adoption for brokers. OurDimDeals is a PropTech mobile application, which means it’s technological at the core, but we pay additional attention to the user-friendliness of the app to ensure that even new users know how to navigate the app and use all the available features to their advantage.
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