Database cost optimization

Implementation of database

Neural Solution


NeuralSolution is a company with the patent-pending technology able to extract a wide range of biometric readings from sensors, which helps to monitor and model the neural patterns.

MIRS Corporation


Mirs Corporation deals with domestic appliances and kitchenware wholesale trade and has its own retail chains development. Mirs also provides professional products and services to the hospitality industry. The reason Mirs contacted HUSPI was to help them build a client communication platform for streamlining business processes.

Promenu by Mirs Corporation


The first ProMenu store was opened in 2012 in Odessa. This is a young and dynamically developing a retail network of kitchen accessories stores of MIRS company (one of the oldest distributors of equipment and utensils in Ukraine). 

Smart Assistant for eMail (SAM)


Have you ever missed an important email due to it getting lost among numerous other emails? HUSPI team decided to do something about it and created SAM - Smart Assistant for eMail. Its main goal is to help you stay on top of the important conversations and getting custom notifications when you get an email from someone you’ve previously marked as a priority.

Upside Digital System


A client of Upside Digital, a plant in Austria, needed a large-scale product that could bring together demand and supply data from multiple sources in the form of Production Planning and CRM tools. The project was a web application with integrated solutions for data collection, storage, management, and analysis.



REHA STIM Medtec project is a software gaming system aimed at speeding up the rehabilitation process in patients with cognitive impairment. The main users of the rehab system are stroke patients. The secondary users are therapists who administer the system, add users, set the games and processes up and run reports.



Family Business Network (FBN) is an organization with a mission of offering a communication platform for business owners. The project HUSPI team worked on was a mobile application for a closed social network.



E-commerce store for organic home-grown products with special attention to sustainable sourcing. Clients can order a box delivered directly to them filled with easy-to-follow recipes and exact amounts of fresh ingredients needed to make these dishes.

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