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Clutch Recognizes HUSPI as Industry Leader in Eastern Europe

HUSPI has been recognized as the highest-rated custom software development in Ukraine according to 

HUSPI in the TOP-15 Software Developers for Projects in Miami

It is a great honor for HUSPI to be among the top software development firms because we strive to provide the best client experience to our clients worldwide - from the United States to Switzerland to Myanmar. 

Definitive Guide to SPA: Why Do We Need Single Page Applications

In this article, we’ll talk about what is Single Page Application (SPA), SPA benefits for users and businesses, SEO, and Angular, React.js, and Vue.js technologies for SPA. 

E-Commerce in 2018: Trends, Accents, Possibilities

         The E-commerce market volume is going to reach $400 billion by the end of 2017. Such dramatic increase was stimulated by social media advancement, hybrid digital communication channels development and successful synthesis of marketing tools and IT instruments. 

Operation digitization

Digitization of the business operations can become extremely beneficial as it allows increasing the efficiency of using the existing resources without involving extra supplies.

The secrets of the companies which reached a significant level of digitization

    According to the observations, those companies which reached a significant level of digitization, possess the advanced capability to navigate and utilize six framework units: strategic planning and cutting-edge advancement, the decision-making process of a client, computerization of the process flows, management, technical knowledge, information and its analysis. Indeed, most of the companies can’t operate these six units equally and thus, focus more on one unit while paying less attention and efforts to another depending on the business model specifics or temporary market requirements. However, the fact is all these framework units are highly helpful when designing and implementing digital systems into the operation model.

Storytelling as a Business Approach

"After nourishment, shelter, and companionship, stories are the thing we need most in the world," said author Philip Pullman. We're past the age of stuffing as many keywords into the article and calling it SEO. It's time for stories.

How to Make Mental Acuity Better. Thinking Agility.

   This is a standard situation when business leaders are routinely surviving through the persistent lack of time, manpower, charge and concentration which makes them rushing just not be late much in tasks. Indeed, it negatively impacts the quality of the results. Although there are still the ways how to meet the urgent requirements without losing much time, your style of thinking is much more than just about timing. Thinking acuity correlates more with the obstacles and changes of the environment you have to deal with.

The Role of the Chief Digital Officer on the Way to Success

Chief Digital Officers help companies move towards the digital transformation. What are the qualities of a good CDO? Let's talk about it.