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How to Optimize Your Mobile App to Stay on Top

Mobile phones have transformed the manner of searching the Internet, which brought us to a significant priority of smartphones and tablets having over desktops.

How Can Cloud Improve Higher Education Industry

Despite being criticized by older generations for its excessive nonchalance today’s youth is eager to study even despite it often requires solid funding.

Data Science Empowering Software Development

These days data science experts are starting a tight collaboration with software developers to expand business horizons.

Authenticating Jewelry Gemstones Using Blockchain

The world-known jewelry and precious stones companies are actively integrating blockchain technology in order to confirm the authenticity of gem starting from the moment of getting them from kimberlite pipe to selling it on the icehouse’s shelf.

Why You Should Employ AI in Software Testing

The testing procedure is longstanding and often its productivity does not meet the criterion of effectiveness set by the customers. How can AI help?

Design Thinking Prototyping for Mobile App Development

Design thinking is helpful during the apps development process to ensure proper UX and, consequently, the emanating advantages via encouraging continual user-friendly experience throughout the whole app's lifecycle.

Millenials, FinTech, and the Power of AI Bots

How can businesses reach Millenials (aka Generation Y) with the help of AI bots, Big Data, and the Internet of Things? Let's talk about that.

Patient Experience: How MedTech Benefits from Digitization

Even if you are not an expert in the pharmaceutical business, you might already know that it is one of the most actively developing and profitable industries in the world economy.

Digital Reciprocation: ML + Software Lifecycle Tools

Machine learning ventures are driving the frameworks, libraries, and related instruments since ML is considered to be able to transform and upgrade the software product development process as well as to impact the final solution.