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Storytelling as a Business Approach (with Infographics)

"After nourishment, shelter, and companionship, stories are the thing we need most in the world," said author Philip Pullman. We're past the age of stuffing as many keywords into the article and calling it SEO. It's time for stories.

Digital Communication Technologies for Pharmaceutical Business

The cutting-edge digital technologies enhance the easy access to the patient’s medical data without delay in time and with almost zero efforts required on the patient side. 

Improving Mental Acuity for Business Benefits

Thinking acuity correlates more with the obstacles and changes of the environment you have to deal with. How to improve it?

How to Take the Headache out of RFP?

Why does everyone want a transformation, but not all really get it and just watch how digitalization passes by?

The Role of the Chief Digital Officer on the Way to Success

Chief Digital Officers help companies move towards the digital transformation. What are the qualities of a good CDO? Let's talk about it.

Improve Your Analytics with Power BI

Don't know what to do with the huge amount of information you're getting from your system? Then this article is for you.

Two Ways to Modernize IT Systems for the Digital Era

"Companies can use two-speed or greenfield approaches to overhaul their legacy IT systems— without weakening their enterprises. Which approach is right for you?"



How to be a successful IT consultant? Our experts' subjective advice

A lot of people with IT experience are trying to set up themselves as IT Consultants. Well, here's my personal five pieces of advice on how to be successful in it.

Business Optimization Tips: Choice-Based Conjoint

There are many goods and services available on the market. How does a customer make a choice among a multitude of similar products? And, more importantly, how do you, as a business person, decide what to sell? Let's talk about CBC.