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When to Redesign the Software from Scratch

Is it better to leave the unfunctional software product as it is or is it necessary to rebuild it from scratch?

How to secure your code signing certificates

Let’s simulate a situation: somehow, you got the information that powerful software hacking gangsters are chasing you. 

Ultimate UI Design Trends

Since first impressions are most lasting, the role of UI becomes crucial in making users return to your website over and over again.

Growing digital - retail banking conversion agenda

Clients all over the world are actively embedding digital banking. Financial ventures have to accelerate adapting to the transformed environment or jeopardize themselves in becoming rusty.

How to run reasonable risks in software testing

It may seem that modern enterprises are capable of producing and marketing software products without any bugs at all. Is that true?

Everything you need to know about new React 16.3

The new 16.3 version of React, released by Facebook at the end of March, delivers reinforced development opportunities and broader Application Programming Interface potential.

Financial Artificial Intelligence takes the lead

Financial strategic forecasting is a business field where both the experienced “sharks” and rookies are involved in a fierce struggle to keep afloat. Therefore, such intense competition pushes them to look for the acutest solutions to grow and benefit.

Angular 6: More Agile, Less Bulky

The favored JavaScript framework is becoming the more elaborated solution to deliver improved coding opportunities and maintenance of Material Design by Google.

AI Bots Empowering Your IT Help Desk

The conventional IT helpdesk is one of those segments in the company’s structure which experiences dynamic digital transformation.  It is necessary to increase the performance of personnel work in order to keep on this trend in the future.