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E-Commerce in 2018: Trends, Accents, Possibilities

The E-commerce market volume is going to reach $400 billion by the end of 2017. Such a dramatic increase was stimulated by social media advancement, hybrid digital communication channels development and successful synthesis of marketing tools and IT instruments. 

What the Cloud Will Be Facing in 2018

Although recently the emphasis has been playing mainly on the public cloud, still both the private and combined clouds are expected to grow dynamically in 2018 too. 

How Artifical Intelligence Affects Fintech

Artificial intelligence has rushed into the IT market like a swirl accelerating the operations via automation and decreasing companies’ expenditures. The chatbots are bright examples of how AI has simplified business communication processes.

Angular, React or a Chance for Vue.js?

There's finally a new version of Vue.js available for use. It has been released on Rever and the developers we've talked to seem very satisfied with the changes implemented in this version.

Digitization - a Positive Trend for Business

Digitization of the business operations can become extremely beneficial as it allows increasing the efficiency of using the existing resources without involving extra supplies.

Quantum Programming - Making a Step towards Future

Microsoft plans to release programming language for quantum computers – it is now up to create a quantum computer itself.

Business Digitization: What is the secret ingredient of success?

According to the observations, the companies that reached a significant level of digitization, possess the advanced capability to navigate and utilize six framework units.

How to make customers choose you?

The recent marketing studies prove the necessity to work harder on learning customer’s decision-making course in order to raise business profits. What is it and how can it benefit your business?

"Digital Is the New Black" - What Does It Mean for Business?

Being more "digital" has already become a widespread trend in the business world. However, how many of us can precisely determine what "digital" really is?