Top PropTech Startups that Change the Property Management World

Managing numerous real estate properties can be a pain when you have too many things to keep in mind. Learn which PropTech startups can help.

The real estate industry is booming with new innovative startups that focus on various areas and sectors of business needs.

Asset and property management are two areas that go hand in hand, like strategic and tactical planning. Property management focuses on day-to-day operations while asset management for real estate focuses on long-term financial benefits. However, they both look at what brings value to the investors, residents, and everyone involved. In this article, we’ll take a look at the startups that deal with property management.

We’ve collected a list of the startups we consider to be great at using the latest technologies and software products to simplify and streamline real estate management processes.

What’s the main problem with property management?

One of the main challenges – especially when you have more than a couple of properties – is communication and various maintenance issues. This is the reason why most property management apps and software products offer omnichannel communication and reminders that get rid of routine-related headaches.

Who might be interested in such products? Everyone, who has to deal with a place to live:

  1. Landlords
  2. Agents
  3. Contractors
  4. Tenants

Everyone wants to have a pleasant user experience, therefore removing, optimizing, and automating mundane tasks helps to do this. Another level is to add various tools that improve the experience beyond the standard expectations. So, let’s take a look at the PropTech startups that do just that.


AppFolio Real Estate Property Management Solution

AppFolio is an intuitive platform to manage the entire residential portfolio. This application is available in a fully digital environment, which promotes collaboration between team members.

The features include:

  • Communication (including chat archives that helps to store historical conversations, which is helpful with building long-term customer relationships)
  • Accounting & Reporting (including smart bill feature that has AI capability to read PDF invoices and reduce the time spent on entering the information)
  • Maintenance & Efficiency (including the useful feature of reminders about various payments and work to do, which helps to uphold the reputation)
  • Staffing & Training (including automated and streamlined onboarding for team members)
  • Marketing & Leasing (including built-in processes for tenant screening and fraud checks)
  • Management & Growth (including performance insights dashboards which can be easily shared with stakeholders and others)



The story of the startup is one of the standard ones but it’s the best way: the team had a bad experience as renters, so they worked on improving this experience for themselves. The product was called Flip at the very start and was focused on the leasing process and digital communications for rentals. Then the team did a pivot when they needed to take care of many properties and dedicated themselves to building a property management solution for other entrepreneurs that would be very user-friendly.

The features include:

  • Maintenance management
  • Access management & information about smart locks
  • Lease management & payment data

Resident Portal

Resident Portal

This multi-dimensional app and website offer a wide variety of features for renters to be in the know about the community they are a part of:

  • Properties can offer services for the residents and the latter can reserve them via the Resident Portal application. For example, one can get dog walking or cleaning services, among numerous others.
  • Events and community feeds offer great ways for offline and online networking for residents.
  • Other features include managing amenities, classifieds, recurring payments and reminders about them, etc.


Casavi Digital Real Estate

Casavi, a German real estate startup, digitizes everything in property management. It’s convenient because it offers a modular approach to the product, which makes it easy to create a light service.

The features include:

  • Digitalization for most document-related services
  • A platform for smart home implementation
  • Cloud storage for all the information for increased security and availability
  • A mobile app that brings together property managers and residents.
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Real Estate Management Solutions by Buildium

Like with most property management software solutions, the main idea for the product is to unite various services under one umbrella that helps to keep all the data in the same place.

The features include:

  • Payment Collections with the help of ePay, built by Buildium
  • Accounting and automatic bank reconciliation
  • Maintenance Management and status updates on mobile, tablet, or computer
  • Vendor Management with the opportunity to pay vendors online
  • Communications with EZmail
  • Resident Center with payments and requests
  • Onboarding and Support for residents


BidRento property management

BidRento helps to manage various properties and various ways of renting including residential rental apartments, co-living, and student housing.

The features of the product include:

  • The listing of the properties in a CRM is sorted in a convenient way with all the important data visible at a glance.
  • Onboarding for tenants and automation for such processes as viewings.
  • Payment control, automated invoices, and calculation for utilities.



Plentific offers landlords a powerful marketplace SaaS platform that helps to launch and manage their fully flexible contractor supply chain. The variety of features offers solutions for such places as restaurants & pubs, student accommodation, public buildings, short-term rentals, care homes, gyms, hotels, and more.

The components and features of Plentific include:

  • Contractor selection helps to solve various issues in a fast and efficient way
  • Analytics improve performance and apply machine learning to increase yields and drive cost savings
  • Engineering focuses on a single API and platform, which speeds up the operations
  • Product unites the data about various properties, presenting a single dashboard for the manager to get a complete picture of the business



HouseHappy provides property management solutions that are targeted at end owners. It’s a convenient dashboard you can use to store the home’s information and receive personalized service reminders like house cleaning, electrical work, plumbing, pest control, etc. The main goal of a dashboard is to make homeownership easier because there is always too much information to hold in one’s head.

The features include:

  • Concierge service management
  • Personalized service reminder emails
  • Househappy personal account for storing information about your home (warranty and paint colors, for example), and many others.



Homezada is a mobile app with tools to manage real estate properties. It has a very convenient financial part that helps to stay on top of the user’s mortgage, property taxes, household expenses, and home insurance. Considering that many of these processes are prolonged in duration (especially mortgage), it is helpful to track everything in a single place and in a simple way.

Homezada features include:

  • Centralized account to manage all properties
  • Remodel projects management with budgets, costs, photos, and receipts
  • Cross-platform access to the account
  • Email alerts and new feed recommendations, etc.



While many property management tools are aimed at rentees, Rentbook makes managing numerous properties simpler with finance tracking and useful reminders via text messages and WhatsApp for renters. It also streamlines the process of understanding ROI.

Rentbook’s features include:

  • Multilingual support including English, Hindi, Arabic, and Urdu
  • Rental schedule calendar management
  • Tracking return on investments and using analytics for better business decisions



It takes a long time to input the listing data into numerous sources – especially when you have many properties. SweepBright takes care of this issue by offering a comprehensive CRM customized for real estate agencies needs. There is an option to use the standard product without any additions. At the same time, SweepBright also provides an option to create your own product and benefit from their API.

SweepBright offers such features as:

  • Marketing hub with listings management and social media
  • Sales enablement with funnels and closed deals
  • CRM tracking interactions and links to listings and contacts, etc.



The advantage Australian company Realoz offers to its customers is the unification of several services that usually are handled by different agencies and companies. These services include advertising, trust accounting, general ledger and payroll, listings, sales, and commercial as well as residential property management.

The features include:

  • Full trust accounting and audit reporting
  • Bank reconciliation and automatic bulk payouts
  • Inspection templates with integrated compliance checks
  • Property manager diary
  • Property compliance and inspections, etc.



Equiem is a tenant experience app that helps landlords communicate with their tenants as well as gain insights about their likes and dislikes, which helps to improve the experience even further.

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