Interview with HUSPI CEO

Software Industry is Empowering Business: Exclusive Interview with HUSPI CEO

Quality over quantity is one of the main principles here at HUSPI. Check out the interview with our CEO Andrey Lapko to learn more.
Interview with Andrey Lapko, HUSPI CEO

Recently, a GoodFirms interviewer received an opportunity to interview Andriy Lapko, the founder and CEO of HUSPI, in which he unveiled the chances of further expansion of the company by valuing quality over quantity.

With a software and Big data BI portfolio, HUSPI has earned its place as one of Poland’s best software development companies. HUSPI’s journey started in 2014. The professionals at HUSPI hold the expertise in catering different services to clients from different verticals like e-commerce, financial services, digital healthcare, gamification products, mobile & web apps, and a few other industries.

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While HUSPI is currently enjoying significant success, the organization still has many opportunities to expand even further. Understanding the culture and values, and observing the surroundings and the way everything works can only acknowledge the roles and actions needed to rectify and enhance the core of the organization and clear the way for a new strategy – explains Andriy.

Furthermore elaborating on his core responsibilities as the CEO, he mentions that he is liable for making major decisions, managing the overall operations, and resources of the firm as the mediator between the board of directors and stakeholders.

Talking about the idea behind the inception of the company, Andriy enthuses, “In 2015, we decided to combine consulting and development, which resulted in client-tailored software solutions with clear and controlled budgets.” HUSPI renders the full cycle of product development services to the clients, for which it holds a team of professionals inclusive of backend and frontend developers, QA engineers, and project managers. Andriy proudly mentions the flourishing services catered to the clients by the professionals at HUSPI, of which one is the software development services. 

Combining IT consulting with development resulted in client-tailored software solutions with clear and controlled budgets.

The professional developers at Hupsi guide the clients in different things like automating the business processes, scaling the products, or creating a new product from scratch to attain success and stand out uniquely. To make the clients reach a new level of success, the professionals first start analyzing the business of the clients according to their requirements so as to give them the best quality work.

Based on the information acquired from the clients, the team writes technical specification documents and creates the project’s service-oriented architecture to make it lean yet powerful. Finally, the team outlines the roadmap for the user interface design as per the industry standards and trends. Thus, by raising the bar with each project, HUSPI grabs the attention of GoodFirms’ users as one of the top software development companies in Poland.

The below-displayed review obtained at GoodFirms confirms the quality maintained at HUSPI:

GoodFirms Review by Gary
GoodFirms Review by Gary Honegger
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Apart from software development services, the developers are also proficient at providing Big Data & BI services to clients of different fields. The expert group at HUSPI identifies business needs and challenges as well as possible solutions.

The big data services fed by HUSPI’s professionals help businesses to obtain the twin goals – revenue maximization and boosting operational efficiency. The Big Data applications include Big Data consulting in which the group gives POC/POV, Strategy Road map, Tech evaluation & support. The expert team also provides clients with Big Data Support and managed Services.

Moreover, the technicians at the company furnish in-house solution accelerators, which include backup, refurbishment, archival care, and big data admin services. Thus, backed by a group of specialists having a skill set of making analytics solutions using big data, will soon promote HUSPI to get dubbed as one of the leading big data analytics companies at GoodFirms.

The review at GoodFirms shows the proficiency of the developers at HUSPI.

GoodFirms Review by Oleg
GoodFirms Review by Oleg Muzyka

There is a more extensive version of the interview with Andrey Lapko, CEO of HUSPI, published on GoodFirms.

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