REHA STIM Medtec project is a software gaming system aimed at speeding up the rehabilitation process in patients with cognitive impairment. The main users of the rehab system are stroke patients. The secondary users are therapists who administer the system, add users, set the games and processes up and run reports.

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Our primary task was to develop a set of eight games according to the technical requirements presented by our client. Since, as we mentioned above, the main users are people with cognitive impairment, we had to pay special attention to the user interface and experience.

It had to be light, not overloaded with information, and it always had to provide ample descriptions as to what to do next. The games are connected to the reporting system and track user actions to see whether the patient's mental health is improving.


Since it is a gaming platform, we opted for development using Unity 3D and C#.

Another interesting technical challenge for us in this project was the fact that the games had to be controlled using special Bi-Manu Trainer gloves. Special sensors installed in them can track patient's movements and therapists can understand how to tailor the rehab program to a particular person's needs. Therefore, the project was part IoT due to the gloves' sensors integration.


The project is currently under development, but it is a great example of the digital world and technologies helping people's health in a real-life way.

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