FBN Social Networking Mobile App

The Family Business Network (FBN) Ukraine organization needed an exclusive mobile networking tool for business owners to share their news and updates within a limited circle of contacts.


Business Technology, Social Media

Tech Stack

Ionic 2, Node.JS, REST Web API, HTML5, MySQL, Docker, Apache Tomcat, TeamCity, CI, Linux Debian


PM, Designer, Backend developer, Frontend developer, Mobile developer, and QA engineer

Building a Secure Communication Platform for Business Leaders

Challenge: Facilitate secure and private communication among top-level Ukrainian business owners. Existing social media platforms lacked the necessary exclusivity and control over user data.

Solution: HUSPI developed the FBN Ukraine app, a custom communication platform designed specifically for FBN’s member base. The app prioritizes privacy and exclusivity, fostering a secure environment for business leaders to connect and collaborate.

Key Features:

  • Targeted User Group: Exclusive to verified FBN members, ensuring a trusted network of business professionals.
  • Secure Communication: The app prioritizes data security, providing peace of mind for sensitive business communication.
  • Event Management: Stay informed about upcoming FBN events with a dedicated calendar and RSVP functionality.
  • Activity Sharing: Foster engagement and collaboration by sharing business news and updates within the FBN community.
  • Networking and Connections: Build and strengthen business relationships by connecting with other members and expanding your professional network.
  • Group and Private Chat: Facilitate efficient communication through private chats and event-specific group discussions.
  • Profile Management: Keep your profile information up-to-date and easily accessible to other members.

HUSPI’s Expertise:

This project showcases HUSPI’s ability to develop custom mobile applications that cater to specific needs and user groups. Our commitment to data security and user privacy ensures a safe and reliable platform for businesses to connect and thrive.

FBN Ukraine is a prime example of how HUSPI develops innovative solutions that empower businesses and communities.

Download the apps

The app is available on Android app stores, but registration is available only for FBN members.


  • Enhanced Communication: FBN Ukraine streamlines communication within the FBN member community.
  • Increased Collaboration: The platform fosters collaboration and knowledge-sharing among business leaders.
  • Exclusive Network: Membership verification ensures a trusted and secure environment for business interactions.
  • Improved Engagement: Event management and activity sharing features promote active participation within the FBN community.

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