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Business Digitalization Services

Digitalization is all about the tools that have already gained popularity on the market - Big Data, Data Science, Machine Learning & AI, Business Intelligence - and applying them to real business cases in various industries.

Goals of digital transformation

Increased effectiveness and simplified management of the business processes.

Raised productivity of the company’s full-time specialists.

Improved manageability and processes’ transparency by IT infrastructure creation.

Strengthened data protection and optimized security systems maintenance costs.

Developed solutions to ensure the continuity of the client’s business processes.

Optimized costs for updating information technologies and systems maintenance.

Business Results

Here are the results of HUSPI team involvement into the digitalization process at a FinTech company.


The gross profit of the online business increased by 5.4 times.


The efficiency of the software development department increased by 4.7 times.


The marketplace conversion doubled after the updated system integration.


Satisfaction with the results of the cooperation among partners improved by 20%.

In order for technologies to bring business value and profit, it’s not enough to simply purchase or develop these tools – you need to learn to implement them correctly.

Digital transformation is changing the approach to business tasks, process optimization with the help of technologies, and one more key ingredient: transforming the way employees think.

How does the process work?

Step 1: Analysing the requirements

We identify bottlenecks and possible areas for improvement by talking with the top management and the employees as well as auditing available existing data about the company and the processes.

Based on this collected data we determine the direction for the changes and set new goals for the company – and they aren’t just random abstract concepts because it is necessary to measure the depth of the required digital transformation.

Sometimes, all it takes is to systematize the existing process. Sometimes a complete overhaul of how things are done is necessary.

In any case, it is critical to clearly describe the projected timing of the tasks ahead as well as their expected results. It is also important to determine, which systems and technologies will be involved in the process.

Step 2: Implementing the changes

We implement the informational systems and put support procedures in place to ensure the correct business process operation.

The project’s team is formed and starts to work on the process transformation. The core of the team is a mixture of your company employees and our HUSPI specialists.

Depending on the requirements, we might also involve additional staff – their number depends on the depth and complexity of the project.

In some cases, due to the large scale of tech development within the tight deadlines, the assistance of other partners on a tender basis might be needed to implement the solution.

Step 3: Educating the staff

We explain, train, and teach how to use the new systems in the most efficient way and what they are for, in general.

This stage is the most difficult since it involves all employees of the company, whose work in one way or another will be affected by the digital transformation.

The stage is divided into theoretical and practical blocks:

  • In the theoretical part, we hold training seminars with a discussion blocks to share instructions on how to use the installed systems and how they simplify the employees’ overall tasks.
  • The practical block, the employees work in small teams on the individual processes that affect their particular jobs under the guidance of the project team representatives.

Step 4: Monitoring and improving

The systems we work with are live, therefore they require continuous monitoring and optimization. In a way, the digital transformation process never really stops.

A new project team is formed from the company’s employees. All control rights over the systems’ functioning and improvement are transferred from HUSPI employees to the client.

Before we leave, we audit the work that was done, prepare recommendations on how to keep the processes smooth, and minimize possible deviations to reduce managers’ headaches.

What do you get in result?

Analytical tools and ready-made decision templates for assessing the performance of your business and employees.

New integrated and functional informational systems with clearly explained instructions on how to use them.

A trained project team within your company with competencies to perform analytics and support the new solutions’ management.


We are among those companies on the Ukrainian market that have reached positive results in the digital transformation process for large companies.

We will help you earn more revenue while minimizing the losses due to incorrect data usage. Our main selling point is providing you with a ready and functioning product that is launched with us, not an Excel spreadsheet that tells you to spend less on your business.

We understand digitalization as the use of modern digital technologies to improve company performance, automate processes, and in particular – reduce operating losses and increase profits.

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