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User Research Helping to Improve the Software UI Design

Software development and deployment can be quite a challenge. Therefore, due to the complicated nature of these processes, critical things may be often overlooked. One of such omissions that the vendors often encounter is, when release, newly built application is not sufficiently integrating user research into the product.

Customer Experience as a Tool for Testing New Features

The majority of software developers believe that the final-user experience is the essential component of the features they create.

Blockchain and Distributed Ledgers in the Energy Sector

Blockchain has been a buzzword for the past several years. What are its real-life applications besides cryptocurrency? Let's talk about the energy sector.

Four Elements of Successful Digital Transformation

Before the digital epoch arrived, the companies had a relish to characterize themselves pursuant to the products they produce or the services they provide. Nevertheless, digital technologies have drastically changed customer anticipations.

Iterations as Critical Element for Successful Software Development

Agile methodologies allow releasing the products faster due to iterations. How does it work and why iterations are a lifesaver for businesses?

Six Cornerstones of Control Automation in Application Delivery

Transformations in software development that have resulted in the facilitated delivery pace are impacting the other sections of the product lifecycle.

How to Make Technical Specification Meet Business Requirements

One of the biggest intractable problems of modern software development is making technical specifications fitting business expectations.

Cloud-First Era: 10 Ways to Leverage It for Business Success

The Cloud Native Computing Foundation determines the ten most promising areas for serverless computing applications. Let's look at them.

Six Security Fail Cases When Your Apps Can Be Compromised

Majority of businesses have already adopted Software as a Service solution, the applications provided by other vendors, the cloud ecosystem and other features. At the same time, digital security is a hot topic.