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First Official Mobile App for Chernobyl with Augmented Reality by HUSPI

Together with our partners, HUSPI launched the first official mobile app for Chernobyl with AR technology – a full-fledged information resource on the history of Chernobyl and the current state of the Exclusion Zone.

How Much Does Mobile App Development Cost?

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How to Monetize Mobile App Development: 8 Strategies

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How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Mobile Game?

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Goals & Rates for IT Consulting for Small Business and Enterprises

In our article, we’ll talk about how to identify cases when you need IT consulting, how does IT consulting differs for small businesses and enterprises, and how much does it cost to hire an IT consultant (or a firm) around the world.

What Is User Modeling and How to Use User Modeling for Business

How can you use modern technologies and user modeling to sell more products and become even more relevant to your customers?

Financial Experts’ Take on COVID-19 and Its Effect on the Business World [Insights]

We have approached FinTech specialists to share their opinions on the current situation. Our short analysis helped to reveal some insights and see the trends in the FinTech area. This article is based on their feedback.

How Much Does It Cost to Create a Food Delivery App like UberEats (Hint: Not as Much as You Thought)

How to create a food delivery dashboard and mobile app for your business and do it in a cost-efficient way within a limited time? Let's talk about it.

How Restaurants and Cafes can Survive Quarantine and Remain in Business

If your business is in the HoReCa industry, most likely you do not have customers right now, the staff is idle, and utility bills are piling up. Let's see what solutions are available.