HR & Recruitment Apps for Seasonal Workers in Agriculture

How to Build a Recruitment & HR App for Seasonal Employees for Agriculture

Some time ago, a client approached us about a task he needed to be done: a cross-platform app for iOS and Android that would take care of the seasonal workers' tasks and tracking.

Even with the rapid development of robotic technologies and manufacturing, human resources are still critical for many of the tasks in agriculture. The industry has many new innovations – drones, sophisticated irrigation machines and mechanisms, sensors, trackers, detectors… and yet, the seasonal workers and other employees are still high in demand.

Some time ago, a client approached us about a task he needed to be done: a cross-platform app for iOS and Android that would take care of the seasonal workers’ tasks and tracking.

Features of the mobile app

The task that was set before the HUSPI team: create a mobile app with geolocation tracking in real-time to track the various tasks done by the farmers and agricultural company temporary workers.

Tasklist & tracking

One of the main things our client wanted was the task-tracking feature. In the morning or in the evening of the previous day, the employers create a list of tasks for the staff to do.

Once the staff member gets to work, s/he can click “Start working” and choose the task s/he will be working on right now.

At the end of the day, the employee clicks “Finish working” and the employer gets a visual statistic of the work that was done by the employee during that particular day.

Live geolocation

Considering that most of the work is done out in the fields, the live geolocation feature would track the employee’s movements.

For example, this is useful in the case of tractors and other heavy machinery drivers – all the data about their work is collected in the app – the time it took to do the task, the area covered, etc.

Updating salary information

When your salary depends on the amount of work completed or hours worked, it’s important to have a trustworthy source for tracking this information.

Since the work tasks are tracked in the app, the salary can also be tracked in the app based on the completed work and hours worked.

Gathering Feedback

The more people you have working for you, the harder it becomes to stay in communication with everyone. At the same time, it’s important to know about various challenges the workers are facing and if there is anything that can improve their work experience.

Specifically for this particular task, the client wanted to have the ability to create forms and questionnaires within the app.

The estimation

Based on the preliminary requirements and wants of our client, we have created a basic rough estimation for the project.

Rough estimation for an agricultural mobile app with geolocation and task tracking
Rough estimation for a mobile HR app for agricultural business


Mobile apps like this one simplify team and task management, especially when you need to constantly bring new people to the team for a short period of time. Onboarding can be done inside the app itself, where the user is taken from point A to point B, C, etc. on the first launch, which minimizes the time spent on technical explanations and you can devote more time to other tasks.

Also, once you have the foundation for the app, you can add new features as needed. For example, add micro gamification features like stars or levels of achievements based on the work completed. While those things might seem silly at times, it still is psychologically pleasant when you reach a new level. Instead of feeling like one tiny human in the sea of temporary workers, you get a sense that your work matters.

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