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Digital Transformation in Action: The Case of Egersund Seafood

This is a story of how HUSPI worked with Egersund to make the business even more successful in the digital age.

How to Switch Your Life and Reach Your Dream: The Story of Vadim

We have launched a new section on our blog called “HUSPI Success Stories.” The first story is about Vadim, our Frontend Developer, whose long journey to IT started… at a pedagogical college and McDonald’s. 

The Why, How, and What of the Business

Why do you need a mobile app? How can it benefit your customers and you? What can be done to gain traction and interest of your clients?

Work in Progress: AR App for Chernobyl

Together with our partners, HUSPI began working on a mobile application that will share the story of the Chernobyl disaster in a way that hasn’t been done before.

How much does app development cost?

HUSPI experts share their opinion and experience with estimating the costs of mobile app development. Check out the article!

7+1 Monetization Strategies for Mobile Apps

How to choose your mobile app business model and how can free apps earn money? That’s exactly what we’ll talk about in this article.

How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Mobile Game?

In this article, we'll talk about iOS and Android mobile game apps development stages, how to hire a game developer and app game development costs.

Goals & Rates for IT Consulting for Small Business and Enterprises

In our article, we’ll talk about how to identify cases when you need IT consulting, how does IT consulting differs for small businesses and enterprises, and how much does it cost to hire an IT consultant (or a firm) around the world.

What Is User Modeling and How to Use User Modeling for Business

How can you use modern technologies and user modeling to sell more products and become even more relevant to your customers?