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How RPA and AI complement each other

   Nowadays RPA and AI kindle huge interest being a tangible asset for those enterprises realizing the value of full-scale digital transformation. While both of them are cutting-edge techniques, they can also cooperate effectively delivering outstanding synergetic benefits.

Angular announces 8.0 version release soon

   Google-based Angular development team reveals its plans to release a public version 8.0 of the famous web application framework in May 2019. Angular 8.0 is anticipated to comprise the premier technical preview of the new-built layout engine, Ivy, forecasted earlier in February last year.

The value-adds of built-in analytics

   Lately the technology of embedded analytics, providing for incorporation of data ingestion, analytical processing and visualization opportunities in the business apps, has started embracing the other emerging techniques in order to enhance the exactness and to broaden the areal of reporting along with making it simpler for software developers and those who are far cry from development to adopt these possibilities in their applications.

Angular to associate the imbalance between developers and designers

    According to the developer’s supporters for Angular, the developers enjoy generating the applications, which are, in turn, appreciated by the users. However, in this situation, one crucial element is often underestimated – designers, who play a pivotal role in creating grooving customer experiences.

How user research will help to address design alterations in software

   Software development and deployment can be quite a challenge. Therefore, due to the complicated nature of these processes, critical things may be often overlooked. One of such omissions that the vendors often encounter is, when release, newly built application is not sufficiently integrating user research into the product.

How to use customer experience to evaluate the effect of new features

   The majority of software developers believe that the final-user experience is the essential component of the features they create.

Energized blockchain or how distributed ledgers will push the envelope of the power sector

   Interestingly, almost 75 years ago ENIAC, the world’s earliest electronic, general-purpose, Turing-complete computer was created. Back at that time, it has taken technological lead in a number of ways being the first digital programmable device in the world. Being called a “Giant Brain” by the press for its phenomenal capability to resolve a wide range of numerical problems, it has turned over the new page of human’s technological progress.

Four essential components of the viable digital transformation

     Before the digital epoch arrived, the companies had a relish to characterize themselves pursuant to the products they produce or the services they provide. Nevertheless, digital technologies have drastically changed customer anticipations...

Why iterations are so critical for software progress

     Earlier the companies had to spend weeks and months in order to modify or supplement the existing facilities, but now it takes literally few seconds to release and distribute software products among the gadget users, electronically operated industrial equipment, corporate data processing systems and many other software-host products. That’s exactly why these days lots of companies are looking for highly experienced software-related personnel. It appears that in this case, the iterations come to help.