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What is Digitalization and How to Succeed in Digital Transformation?

Digitalization is the process of automating and optimizing business processes with the help of technology. Learn more about its challenges and benefits.

Why Do We Ask Our Clients So Many Questions

In this article, we talk about the questions we ask our clients prior to creating the rough estimation. We’ll also touch upon the reasons why we ask each question.

What Project Management Tools to Use for Collaboration?

What tools do we use for project management at HUSPI? Our Project Management Officer shares her approaches and favorite instruments.

GreenWitch: How Does Smart Garden Work?

Check out how the digitization and automation of processes helps a local Ukrainian startup to create a smart garden solution.

Can Agriculture Be Sustainable With the Help of Technology?

In this article, we’ll take a look at the technological part of agriculture and how modern innovations like artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, and many others help the industry and the world.

How to Digitalize Seafood Retail & Food Delivery Service

This is a story of how HUSPI worked with Egersund to make the business even more successful in the digital age.

How to Switch Your Life and Reach Your Dream: The Story of Vadim

We have launched a new section on our blog called “HUSPI Success Stories.” The first story is about Vadim, our Frontend Developer, whose long journey to IT started… at a pedagogical college and McDonald’s. 

The Why, How, and What of the Business

Why do you need a mobile app? How can it benefit your customers and you? What can be done to gain traction and interest of your clients?

First Official Mobile App for Chernobyl with Augmented Reality by HUSPI

Together with our partners, HUSPI launched the first official mobile app for Chernobyl with AR technology – a full-fledged information resource on the history of Chernobyl and the current state of the Exclusion Zone.