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Career Opportunities at HUSPI

Build your development career as a part of the HUSPI team. Find out about job opportunities and open vacancies – or submit your resume for our database.

Open Vacancies

Middle Project Manager Vacancy
Middle Project Manager

We are looking for a PM to manage the development and ensure communication between the client and the team. Learn more and submit your CV.

Middle ReactJS / React Native Developer
ReactJS / React Native

We are looking for a React JS / React Native developer to build complex web & mobile projects for our clients. Learn more and apply.

Middle Manual QA Engineer
QA Engineer

We are looking for a QA Engineer who will double and triple-check that the products work as expected and are bug-free. Learn more and apply.

Support Engineer Vacancy at HUSPI
Support Engineer

We are looking for a support engineer to ensure that our clients enjoy their software without server crashes and other issues. Learn more and apply.

UI Designer Vacancy
UI Designer

We are looking for a team member with a passion to create UI designs that motivate people to use the software we build. Learn more and apply.

JavaScript Developer Vacancy at HUSPI
JavaScript Developer

We are looking for a JavaScript developer for our client’s team augmentation. We expect this person to bring his/her skills to the table.


We value our clients

Our competitive advantage is treating our clients as a part of the HUSPI family. After all, clients are people too 🙂 But in all seriousness, we do try to find the best solutions for our clients’ businesses that are cost-effective and not just bring us money but help our clients make money too.

We value our staff

Our company is small and we value each of the team members. We believe that if people are treated like a part of the family, it motivates everyone to do their job well because we’re all in the same boat. Another thing that we strive for is continuous learning, which is why we invest in the classes and workshops for our team.

Our Staff Success Stories

In our company, the phenomenon of switching is very common – people who have radically changed their professions and lives. Their stories are inspiring, so we decided to share their experiences since we think they can be useful to those who are considering changing their lives and want to become a part of the IT world.

Read the story of Vadim, our Frontend Developer, whose long journey to IT started… at a pedagogical college and McDonald’s.