Interface and UX Design Services

Craft an easy-to-follow user experience for your customers with great attention to the user interface design.

Great product design is vital to standing out among the fierce marketplace competition and clients’ expectations of high standards, which is the reason we pay special attention to the design of the frontend solutions we develop.

HUSPI Experience and Interface Design Services

Understanding Users

We interview our clients and research the market to get an idea of requirements for the product design functionality for the frontend as well as backend. We also identify the target personas’ behavioral models to match the experiences.

Drawing Wireframes and Prototypes

We craft the user journey scenarios that would provide a compelling web or mobile experience. We also draw UI wireframes to explore the options and to visualize the ideas in more concrete designs that reflect the brand.

Testing the ideas

We create a visual prototype of the software product to test and identify possible challenges and weaknesses to mitigate the risks at an early stage before the development process starts.

Creating the software product

Based on all the previous steps, including research and testing phases, we start to implement the user interface and user experience design ideas into the web or mobile software product.

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“Don’t judge a book by its cover” - we all know this phrase, yet we all do it anyway. The same thing happens with the software - if it looks good, more people will be interested and motivated to use it versus when it just looks like a set of poorly arranged wireframes with Comic Sans as the primary font. User Interface design is the virtual face of your product, and, by extension, of your company.

But looks aren’t everything. If your software looks great, but the customer has no understanding of how to use your app, you won’t see your app rising in charts either. Therefore, User Experience design is of vital importance as well.

Your business ideas are great, and they deserve to be clothed in the best possible attire to show their excellence and inner beauty. Here at HUSPI, we love to create simple, intuitively easy to navigate, and straightforward solutions that help our clients become even more successful.

The frontend development performance is an integral feature of product design, and UI/UX design services are beneficial to all industries. We have worked with products in e-commerce, FinTech, logistics, online education, and healthcare to provide this experience. In terms of frontend technologies, we rely on React and Angular the most, with other JavaScript frameworks as well.


User Interface (UI) Process
  • Visualizing the interface
  • Drafting wireframes for the web & mobile apps
  • Modeling wireframes
  • Testing the prototypes
  • Performing user testing
User Experience (UX) Process
  • Interviewing customers
  • Studying customers’ behavioral patterns
  • Modeling the interaction process
  • Drafting the users’ roadmap
  • Creating analytical evaluation

With the help of these processes and instruments, we can forecast the design’s efficiency and clients’ satisfaction with the end result.

Practical, good-looking, and easy-to-use software solutions - be it a website or a mobile application - are much more valued by the users and therefore rise in the charts among the competition.

Thanks to our expertise in UI/UX design, creative analysis, and commitment to UI design principles as well as to UX design principles, the HUSPI team is ready to develop a solution matching the most sophisticated technical requirements and client’s taste. In our hands, your project’s frontend is going to be remarkable in terms of the chosen frameworks and technologies, architecture, ecosystem, and design.

HUSPI as a Trusted UI/UX Design Partner

Our designers’ team stick to the market’s top-rated design principles and strive to provide the best possible experience for our clients as well as to the end-users of the solution.

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