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Create, upgrade, and scale your digital products with the help of HUSPI developers.

Whether you need to automate your processes, scale your products, or create a new digital product from scratch - we at HUSPI do our best to guide our clients in this adventure to reach success together.

HUSPI Product Development Process


We start with analysing your business, your requirements, and expectations to understand what technology would work the best. Based on this information, we write technical specification documents for the developers and create project’s service-oriented architecture to make it lean yet powerful. Finally, we craft the user experience roadmaps and user interface design that would match the industry’s standards and trends.


Our developers use the technical documentation to engineer the solution’s frontend and backend, based on microservices that can be easily maintained and scaled. We pay special attention to infrastructure management as well to help the solution integrate seamlessly with the business’ existing IT solutions. We also have quality assurance engineers who test the user experience and make sure the product meets the requirements.


We work with your product from the very inception phase in the beginning of its successful launch. We also don’t leave you on your own after the launch by providing ongoing technical support. This includes developing new features according to the strategic plan, bug fixing, as well as software maintenance.


Besides the traditional product development lifecycle, we also provide data management and analytics services as well as integration for the business’ databases, mobile and cloud applications, and re-engineering for your old legacy products to stay up to date with the future.

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Outsourcing your software product development helps you to focus on your core business, while we help you along the way supplying the technologies for that. Whether it is an ERP system for a MedTech company, or a series of products’ integrations for an e-commerce business, or a payment platform created from scratch - let our expertise be your value-added benefit.

We’re a small company that values each one of our clients and strives to provide the best possible customer experience and first-rate software products and services. We’ve worked with large enterprise companies as well as startups and everyone was satisfied - you don’t have to take our word for it, see the feedback about HUSPI for yourself.


Banking and Financial Services - we’ve been on a team developing a payment platform from scratch and worked on streamlining processes and operations in a large Ukrainian bank.

E-commerce & Retail - our portfolio has several e-commerce projects that we have created from scratch and integrated with the existing IT solutions, such as ERPs and CRMs, of the companies.

MedTech & Healthcare - we have experience with creating machine-learning solutions with integrated data analytics for identifying medical conditions and we were also a part of a gamification and analytics project that helped patients revive their cognitive skills.

Business Processes - several of the projects that we have worked with were aimed at streamlining the business processes and optimizing their work, using big data analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.

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Our team consists of highly-trained people with Ph.D. in cybernetics and fuzzy logic and working experience in the banking and financial sector, scientific research, and e-commerce companies.

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