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Turnkey development in front-end: idea is yours, the rest is on us


You give us an idea. We give you the rest.

Since front-end development requires superfine elaboration to comply with clients’ needs, a perfectly orchestrated production process has to be arranged. By such approach in HUSPI we mean a turnkey project operation which allows concentration of expertise, manpower and creativity in a single brain center to produce full-fledged solution from scratch. In a nutshell, you are expected just to let us know your idea – and we’ll do the rest.
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Our technologies and methods

Solid expertise in a diversity of front-end development tools and techniques such as Angular, React, Ionic etc., as well as comprehensive background in back-end technologies including Java, C#, Net enable us to deploy multifunctional methodology in presenting the most effective turnkey project services. So, you are proposed with an extensive selection of opportunities between Angular’s 2-way data binding and React’s unidirectional data flows, using browser’s DOM or virtual one, deploying Typescript or rather JSX, being fully MVC or more of a “V” in the MVC. Despite these details seem to be small, they can make huge difference after all.
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Why you should choose our team

As long as front-end development is a highly dynamic sector since frameworks and libraries such as Angular and React severely compete for client’s choice by offering frequent upgrade release and sophisticated development options, it might be hard for your company to keep up with latest technical tendencies on your own. That’s why, aiming to optimization of resources and budget, HUSPI’s turnkey project services will be an efficient embodiment of your concepts. Whatever your venture deals with – FinTech, online retail, internet services, logistics or e-healthcare, HUSPI is at your disposal to give out the refined frond-end solution as a turnkey project.

The benefits we deliver

Indeed, project development in software industry always has some risks, especially when talking about front-end as very much depends on final users’ preferences provided by wide choice of frameworks and libraries represented both by well-known Angular, React, Vue and less used alternatives. Yet, in HUSPI we conduct thorough analysis of our customers’ business and ideas, up-to-date market research, situational evaluation, long-perspective risks assessment and result performance planning via tight consultation with our team and foremost industry experts. So, you can be certain we’ve made allowances for all circumstances when completion each turnkey project.
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how we do this

Concept Design

In this first stage the financial analysis as well concept study, including investigation of compliance
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Project Specification Development

This largest research part includes development and recording all documentation required for processes
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Preparation to Production

Preparation to production launch includes development, set-up, review, correction and improvement
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Production & Testing

It is a crucial stage in which our client’s product is being created and tested.
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Marketing & Release

The given stage is represented by performance of market release. Since you have already received
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Aftermarket Support

Here we offer continuous technical and marketing assistance of your project to ensure correct and safe operation of your solution throughout the lifespan.


Concept Development

First phase includes: financial analysis, concept study (performance for compliance with needs, feasible cost-effective approach, preliminary market assessment) and concept definition (key characteristics, balancing capability, operational life, statement of work, initial requirements)

Business Developments

The largest research part includes development and documentation of all docs needed for processes to begin: marketing, technical, financial, production and team parts. As well, business modeling processes based on market and financial analysis with IPR are launched.

Production Development

Preparation for production launch includes the improvement of the procedures and creation of new production steps. At the end you'll get six marketing plans and reports: SRC (Software Requirement Specification) and five additional docs including updated financial and production files.


It is a crucial stage in which your product is being created and tested. We develop and support the market testing plan and prepare the report, user manual and updated information on financial analysis at this step.

Marketing and Launch

Last step is carrying out marketing launch and implementation of the production plan. You have already received the finished product, so now we finalize IP position, obtain formal compliance approval, measure product financial performance, prepare project review and contingency plan. In addition, you'll get the post-project audit report.


Here we offer permanent tech and marketing support for you project as a commitment to the principle of providing a customer with the solution throughout the product’s lifespan.

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