Business is partially back, but the so-called “new normal” requires a fresh look at customer needs

Our software package Crouton helps restaurants and cafes owners like you to adapt to new customer habits, enhance their experience, and add an additional layer of contactless and speedier interaction for customers and staff alike.


“How do I cope with the changing customer needs and offer what they expect?” This is the question we have been working on with a group of restaurants and cafes in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic that forced all businesses to adapt to the so-called “new normal”.

Crouton is a software package with three main components:

  1. Easy to create interactive online menus that can be accessed by PC’s, tablets, and smartphones alike.
  2. An intuitive dashboard to control and handle incoming orders and payments.
  3. A mobile app for waiters and delivery people to control each process step and enhance the customer experience.

Crouton is an easy and fast way to adapt to the changing customer needs and to improve the online capacity as well as the customer experience. The solution is easily adaptable to your branding and your offering within a limited timeframe and with a limited budget. Manage the online available offering, easily assign the orders between the various delivery options, and let your staff track the process with a mobile app.


Putting your menu online extends your customer reach, offers a new kind of interaction with your business, is streamlining the ordering process, and also adds a layer of protection for both the staff and your customers by minimizing the physical contact.


The Crouton dashboard is the central control unit to enter data and control the flow of the daily actions from order to delivery to payment. The solution integrates with various ERP, accounting, and POS systems.


The mobile app for waiters and delivery personnel allows them to track their orders and add their parts for customer experience. The Crouton app currently works on Android phones.


To further enhance the customer experience and allow for two-way communication, Telegram & Whatsapp bots integrate with the Crouton system and allow to make orders and payments within these well-known messengers.


Create a new user experience for your clients.

Let them order and pay for your delicious products online and have them chose when and where they want to have it, served, or picked up at your place, or delivered to their door.

Our user-friendly Crouton dashboard and mobile app will help you to adapt to the changing customer requirements while improving their experience with your services. In addition, this comes at a reasonable price (compared to UberEats, Glovo, DoorDash, and other services that charge a percentage of the order).

Our quick start assistance will allow you to get on speed fast and to adapt your processes in no time. Get your customers back now and win new ones at the same time!

The Crouton Process

STEP 1: You create the menu

As a restaurant owner or manager, you can easily manage the menu items from the Crouton admin dashboard. The process of creating and editing the items is simple and user-friendly and the changes are active with immediate effect.

STEP 2: Client orders food

Clients can view the menu online and order either ahead of time or when they come to the restaurant. In any case, this eliminates physical contact with a printed menu as well as interaction with your staff.

STEP 3: You confirm the order & send it to the kitchen

You can see the incoming orders and send them to the kitchen to be cooked and prepared. You can also assign the waiter or delivery person for any order from the dashboard via drag&drop.

STEP 4: The staff is notified

A mobile app notifies the staff on order status changes and lets them act accordingly to further improve the customer experience. Happy customer, happy you.

The Crouton Pricing

Package APackage BPackage C
If you pay monthly$299/month$499/month$599/month
If you pay annually (10% discount)$3,230/year$5,390/year$6,470/year
Interactive MenuIncludedIncludedIncluded
Support by email10 hours/month15 hours/month25 hours/month
DesignStandardBrand colorsIndividual
Users3 users5 users8 users
The Crouton Software System Pricing

* All packages allow an unlimited number of items for displaying/ordering/delivering.
* Every additional user costs $15/month.

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