Smart Assistant for eMail (SAM)

Smart Assistant for eMail (SAM)

Have you ever missed an important email due to it getting lost among numerous other emails? HUSPI team worked on solving this problem.

According to statistics, the number of emails is constantly increasing. Whether it’s work-related information or spam, we have to stay on top of things.

Here are the email stats for 2020:

  • 300.4 billion emails were sent and received every day
  • 149,513 emails are sent per minute
  • 4 billion email users worldwide (as of 2019)
  • 5.59 billion active email accounts
  • 1.75 email account per person

With this amount of emails, it’s easy to miss something important. How do you deal with this challenge?

HUSPI team decided to do something about it and created SAM – Smart Assistant for eMail. Its main goal is to help you stay on top of the important conversations and getting custom notifications when you get an email from someone you’ve previously marked as a priority.

SAM is a machine-learning product, which means it learns from the actions you perform with the emails.

We’ve brainstormed with our Sales & Business Development departments to understand the needs and expectations of those, who have to deal with a lot of emails daily.

As a result, SAM was created with the following features:

  • It learns from your activity in email – SAM’s built on the principles of machine learning and has customizable filters.
  • It helps to stay on top of things – you no longer have to worry about missing an email that would be of great help for your business or company. Smart Assistant for eMail integrates seamlessly with a messenger of your choice (we use Telegram) to manage your incoming emails and notify you about the ones you’ve deemed important.
  • It streamlines your business processes and teamwork due to additional collaboration opportunities.

Our team of developers can help with the customization and integration of SAM to tailor the software to your business needs.

  • Personalized filters and actions, based on the type of your business and your role as a business owner, manager, or salesperson.
  • Integration with Gmail and other email providers.
  • Custom notifications integrated with Telegram, Slack, and other messengers – whichever you use for your business needs.

The technologies used in the project are the following:

Backend: Node.js
Database: MongoDB + Mongoose
APIs and Libraries: Telegram-bot API, Gmail API, Google APIs, node-telegram-bot-API, etc.

Streamlining the email management process is always an excellent idea when you need to stay on top of things. With SAM, it’s a win-win situation:

You are happy because you no longer have to worry about missing an important email, trying to look out for it in the inbox

Your clients and business partners are happy because you answer them and no important email goes without notice

Would you like a Smart Assistant for eMail integrated into your business processes?

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