Ukraine - the only official site of the brand Liebherr in Ukraine. The online store specializes on certified refrigeration, freezing equipment, as well as professional equipment of the German brand Liebherr.


The purpose of updating the site is to maximize the number of users and the profitability of the services provided by improving the interface, modernizing the visual presentation of information, improving usability and optimizing existing services. The system should provide navigation on all available resources to the user, display relevant information and provide the requested services. Much attention should also be given to the forms of search and product filters.


  • Assortment of the goods of the segment, including novelties and expected novelties;
  • Sales points, list (options to choose) with links to these sales sources;
  • Useful companion content directly affecting loyalty to the resource;
  • Direct programs of influence on end customers (loyalty program, Shares in sales points (in all sales channels).



List of tasks to be performed by updating the Site • Representation of the Customer as a modern innovative Company; • use of a more convenient user interface; • optimization of sales.

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