E-commerce store for organic home-grown products with special attention to sustainable sourcing. Clients can order a box delivered directly to them filled with easy-to-follow recipes and exact amounts of fresh ingredients needed to make these dishes.


HUSPI team was tasked with building a high-quality product within very tight deadlines. The technical tasks included integration with the large dynamic database as well as creating filters for customers to select products they would like to purchase (in case they wanted to select the food items themselves instead of getting a delivery box.)


Due to tight deadlines, we decided to go for the WordPress platform with WooCommerce integration, which allowed creating a store from scratch quick and easy. The other technologies included CSS, HTML, and Bootstrap.


La Ferma was one of the first e-commerce projects aimed at sustainable sourcing and support for the small village farms. The clients had a chance to purchase fruits and vegetables as well as meat products and eggs that weren't produced for the mass-market, yet could be delivered to the cities where they lived.

HUSPI team continued to support the project technically and in terms of marketing.

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