The Homeopath project is a Digital Health product. It is a disease diagnostic and treatment recommendation system with a focus on homeopathic medications. The Homeopath is intended to be for people with medical background and education.

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This project is a self-educating system for treatment recommendations, therefore the level of accuracy had to be very high. Having examined the technical requirements, we have done the following tasks:

  • Created and integrated several databases (including a database of homeopathic medications as well as various diseases and treatment results studies)
  • Implemented data mining capabilities based on the patients' input
  • Added the fuzzy logic algorithm and machine learning technologies to the system
  • Developed the backend and frontend of the project

Due to the self-educating feature, the system, once launched, would continuously update its records with newer findings, making the future patients' treatments more precise.


From the technical point, we have opted to use Python as our main machine learning language. The additional technologies included HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap.


The project is still under development and currently is being tested by the medical staff.

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