Heforshe arts week 2020

HeForShe Mobile AR App

HeForShe and UN Women in conjunction with National Arts Museum of Ukraine (NAMU) worked with HUSPI to create a virtual gallery mobile app.

Take an AR walk to see the masterpieces

HeForShe Arts Week 2020 celebrated their achievements and contribution to art across 110 years of Ukrainian history. To show the 10 masterpieces to a wider audience, UN Women and the HeForShe organization approached HUSPI to create a dedicated mobile app.

The app is a virtual gallery of 14 paintings by 10 contemporary Ukrainian female artists (1909 – 2019). While visitors can see some of these paintings live in the National Art Museum of Ukraine (NAMU) collection, some aren’t part of the permanent exhibition. Therefore, the entire set can be viewed here in the app.

HeForShe Ambassadors in Ukraine Michael Shur and Yaroslava Kravchenko (Telebachennya Toronto) are the guides to this AR experience, where users can see in detail the works of the most acclaimed and more obscure female artists.

We received the final version of the application on a tight deadline, so the speed of development was impressive.

Kateryna Lytvynenko, UN Women

The app’s features

Tight deadlines due to the event’s scheduled date pushed for even more streamlined development.

The HUSPI team has worked closely with the UN Women organization and the HeForShe initiative to take good-quality pictures of the artwork, integrate video of the speakers, and publish the ready application in the app markets just in time for the event.

What you can do with the HeForShe Arts Week app:

  • Enjoy the Augmented Reality (AR) guide to the exhibition
  • View the artwork in close detail and read or listen to the history of its creation
  • Stay updated with the news and press releases about the event

“The most unexpected and impressive impact was the heightened attention to the AR gallery and the key Arts Week activity during the COVID-19 pandemic and the associated quarantine, with restrictions on all cultural activities within the country. In such an environment the virtual gallery was still available for users around the world in Play Market and Apple Store,” shared Kateryna Lytvynenko, Advocacy and Communications Specialist of the UN Women.

The project’s technologies included Unity 3D, Unity AR Foundation, iOS ARKit SDK, Android AR Core SDK.

The project’s team comprised of the project manager, Unity developer, frontend developer, release manager, and UX designer.

Event Partners

UN Women

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