Food delivery management system

Food Delivery Management

Our software package helps food retail and distribution businesses enhance their user experience and extend their customer reach.

An optimized look at the food retail industry’s needs.

HUSPI Food Delivery Management System is a software package with several main customizable components:

Interactive online menus that can be accessed by PCs, tablets, and smartphones.

Intuitive administrative dashboard to control and handle incoming orders and payments.

User-friendly apps for delivery personnel to stay updated with the order status.

Additionally, it’s possible to add these features:

Integration with warehouse management systems

Integration with various payment systems

Multilingual support for all of the components

Automate your ordering routines

Let your customers order and pay for your goods and services online and have them choose when and where they want to have it, served, picked up at your place, or delivered to their door.

Our user-friendly dashboard and mobile app help food retail and distribution businesses adapt to the changing customer requirements while improving users’ experience on both sides. In addition, this comes at a reasonable price (compared to UberEats, Glovo, DoorDash, and other services that charge a percentage of the order).


A visual online menu or list of goods extends your customer reach. Streamline the ordering process and add a layer of protection for both the staff and your customers by minimizing the physical contact.


The dashboard is the central control unit to enter data and control the flow of the daily actions from order to delivery to payment. The solution integrates with various ERP, WMS, and POS systems.


The mobile app for waiters and delivery personnel allows tracking the orders’ readiness and adding their part to the customer experience. The app currently works on Android phones and iOS is in progress.


To further enhance the customer experience and allow for two-way communication, Telegram & Whatsapp bots integrate with the system and allow to make orders and payments within these well-known messengers.

Results of the Product Implementation


The monthly number of orders was increased by 20 times.


The offline + online sales increased in just one of the stores by 5 times.


Three additional locations could be opened due to the ability to process more orders.

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