Egersund Order Management System for Food Retail Industry

It’s counterproductive to manage the orders within a large seafood chain on a piece of paper or even in an Excel spreadsheet.

We dove deep into the business processes of the Egersund Group seafood to understand the needs and requirements of the business. As a result, we got several products:

  • Back-office hub for managing incoming orders
  • Client website and standalone mobile app for ordering seafood
  • Couriers’ app for tracking and delivering the orders

It’s critical to automate processes when you have a restaurant chain, several warehouse facilities, and food with strict expiration dates.

Egersund Seafood

Egersund Seafood Order Management Solution

Optimization and automation of processes is a great cost-saving strategy for businesses.

Egersund Seafood wanted to digitalize the processes and reduce human error opportunities and increase productiveness with order management.

Now the employees can:

  • Manage the orders that were placed online and create an order manually in case of phone call orders
  • Manage delivery personnel and easily assign orders to them
  • Manage and update client information
  • Easily update the menu and product availability

Additionally, the mobile app for couriers is to help delivery personnel stay on top of the news regarding the orders they need to deliver. There are the locations of the pickups and necessary information about the orders. 

The system is integrated with the client-facing website as well as two mobile apps (one for the clients and the other for the delivery personnel.)

The technologies for the back office management system include Node JS, React +, MongoDB.

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The courier app is available for preview on the iOS app store.

Client-Side Solutions

Egersund Group is one of the largest fish companies in Norway established in 1921. The first fish delivery to Ukraine took place in 1996.

Besides the convenience for the Egersund employees, we also took care of the end customers. Now they have an up-to-date SEO-optimized website with simple navigation and an easy ordering system. We have also developed a dedicated mobile app, which makes ordering sushi simple and fast even on the go.

Integration with three pick-up locations: users can choose which store is the closest or most convenient for them.

A comprehensive multilingual filter system that allows finding desired items fast.

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