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Customer Management Platform

CMP is a client portal that allows you to follow up on real estate projects and boost customer service engagement.

Engage and empower the client

CMP is a client portal for following up on real estate projects and boosting customer service engagement.

Become a guide for the client – without routine.

Clients have a lot of questions – what is the building status, what documents should I sign, when the bathroom floors will be installed, etc.

Property developers can become guides on this journey for their clients without too much hassle by integrating the customers into the process.

Buying a property is a tremendous achievement and a life goal for many people. It’s hard to make this step and once this journey has started it is helpful to have a convenient dashboard where all of this information and communication will be stored and managed.

Why is customer engagement vital for success? As a business owner, automating all the updates, invoices’ issuance, and tracking frees you from routine. At the same time, your customers get timely reminders and updates that are important for them to follow up on and stay on top of.

About the project

Client in control: CMP allows clients to follow up on their freshly bought real estate projects – they can learn what’s going on with their property at any given stage, check the budget, see the calendar of planned works, and everything else.

Customer service engagement: As a result, the real estate developers’ clients feel empowered to manage their property and the development company gets a way to communicate more clearly and efficiently. CMP takes care of the clients’ follow-up, coordination, and notifications.

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