Brinfy is a crowdshipping service that unites people who need to send something from one place to another as well as people who are willing to help with the delivery.


HUSPI's main role in the project was the IT consulting service and the development of the digital strategy.

The project's aim was to create a communication platform for delivery process participants: sender, delivery helper, and receiver. The platform has been built from the ground up and it included everything from backend architecture development to UI/UX design to setting up LiqPay payments and maps integration.


With our software development crew, we suggested using the following technologies for the project creation: MySQL, Doctrine, Symfony, jQuery, RabbitMQ, NodeJS, Gearman, and Ember as frontend.


The project is currently undergoing development. The website and the mobile app will be available in three languages (Ukrainian, English, and Russian). Both the web and mobile apps will offer tools for communication, online payments, and route building.

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