Bank “NADRA”


Nadra Bank was established in 1993 and was considered one of the largest commercial banking institutions in Ukraine. HUSPI team joined the bank's technical team to help with the digital transformation of several intra-bank processes. 


National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) requires to comply with the limits of the financial transactions in banking institutions, especially when it comes to the purchase of foreign currency on the territory of Ukraine.

HUSPI team audited the Nadra Bank's databases and realized that there was a fragmented network of 26 separate databases. In order to streamline the financial processes and make them more straightforward and user-friendly for bank employees, we began our work of unifying the data.


This was a relatively fast-paced project. In two months, we have created a central database with integrated secure WEB API to interact with the bank's internal databases.

We also set up processes for verification of payments (during purchases of foreign currency), so that transactions could either be delayed or return an error message to the operators in case the limits were exceeded.

In terms of the technologies used in this project, we chose: Oracle, SQL, PL/SQL, and T-SQL.


Nadra Bank was one of the HUSPI's earliest projects in the FinTech industry, but in 2015 the bank was declared bankrupt, and the National Bank of Ukraine revoked its license. HUSPI developers, however, got an excellent opportunity to work with the financial technologies and gain expertise in setting up processes for the banking sector.

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