Activity Bonus Center (ABC) is a loyalty system for motivating customers' actions. By performing a given set of tasks, users can earn special digital points, which later can be used to purchase real-life goods and services.

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HUSPI team was involved in both the consulting and development of the ABC Loyalty system. Our tasks included:

  • IT consulting and preliminary business analysis
  • Gathering requirements from the customer as well as identifying expectations and wishes
  • Setting up clear communication channels with the customer and his team
  • Creating technical specifications for features
  • Modeling the system and creating the architecture for potential high-load
  • Designing and implementing gamification elements to improve a person's ability to understand digital content
  • Developing the software


We created several interconnected databases that collect information about the client’s behavior and use it to make his or her Internet experience more effective. We have also integrated this platform with a video portal project in order to stimulate user activities and use the collected data to make the video portal digital experience more straightforward (for example, by offering the customer only the movies s/he would like to watch based on the previous movies.)

In terms of technologies used, we relied on Cassandra, CSS, HTML, Spring, VertX, and Java.


Tailoring digital experiences to each given customer is a sure way for numerous companies to motivate their clients. With more and more goods and services available on the market, customers often lose interest because too much time is spent on searching for something ephemeral. With ABC Loyalty Program, not only they could get their personalized content, but also earn digital currency and purchase various items like coffee mugs or speakers, etc.

After we have built the MVP, the project was sold.

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