Reha-Stim REPORT


Reha-Stim Report (previously called YouRehab) is a special mobile application developed to visualize the data of patients' rehabilitation processes. It is connected to a special game's database and the admin can create a report with charts for each patient with an appropriate combination of games.

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The doctors need to utilize all kinds of information they can get about the patient's health in order to help. Reha-Stim Report is such a tool where the patient's actions in the game are accumulated in a database and passed along for further analysis by a doctor.


In this project, HUSPI needed to create a cross-platform mobile app with a secure database connection. For these tasks, we have used Xamarin (Android, iOS, and UWP) for mobile development and MySQL and C# for database integration.


The project is currently under development, but it is promised to be quite helpful in terms of MedTech. Stay in touch to see the updates.

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