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NeuralSolution is a company with the patent-pending technology able to extract a wide range of biometric readings from sensors, which helps to monitor and model the neural patterns.

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NeuralSolution approached HUSPI team with the need to develop and implement the architecture of the project. Considering the vast amount of incoming data, we needed to set up complex processes to analyze the streaming data, transform it to specific characteristics, and send this processed data to a light bulb that would change color according to the emotion experienced.

We also needed to create a dashboard for patients and doctors, where they can see recorded videos of themselves for further work. 


The project's sensors are non-invasive, which means that all data is coming from video files and biometric parameters. Specially developed light bulb receives the parameters about emotions in real-time and its color reflects the state of the person's nervous system.

Therefore, there were several tasks before HUSPI: 

  • Create the architecture and think through all the data processing, storage, and analysis rules in order to avoid crashes and mislabeling
  • Develop the dashboard with the incoming data
  • Create separate user permission rights for doctors, administrative personnel, and users
  • Create all light bulb settings and integrate it with the dashboard's backend

For these tasks, we have used the following technologies: React, Redux, Core UI, Node.js, Noble, PostgreSQL


This technology helps to accurately translate physiological information into useful for business metrics: engagement, attention, stress, sentiment, connectedness, etc.

At the moment, the patent for the technology is pending, but once approved, we believe this instrument would prove to be very useful for both mental health professionals as well as businesses who can use this light bulb to correctly identify the emotions in the client and proceed accordingly.

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