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Frequently Asked Questions

When you are in the process of choosing an outsourcing partner (or, even in general, trying to understand whether outsourcing is a safe option to trust with your project), there are many questions.

When you are in the process of choosing an outsourcing partner (or, even in general, trying to understand whether outsourcing is a safe option to trust with your project), there are many questions.

We have answered the main ones, but feel free to ask questions we haven’t covered.

What is outsourcing?

We hear the term “outsourcing” in the IT industry a lot, but it encompasses other industries as well. Outsourcing simply means that you hire people to do a part of the work for you – it can be software development, or accounting, or design.

One note of advice: do not outsource your core business tasks. All supporting ones are up for outsourcing, depending on your internal resources and plans to scale.

Are outsourcing and offshoring the same?

Outsourcing may be offshoring, but it doesn’t have to be. Outsourcing is basically hiring people to do the work for you but not as your direct employees. Offshoring is when you hire people to work for you overseas (for example, the US to Ukraine) usually to lower the costs. There is also nearshoring when you do the same, but to a country next to yours (the US to Canada, for example.)

Is outsourcing safe?

Trusting someone with your project may feel like losing control. However, with a screened partner and proper project management on both sides, it’s a safe endeavor. Also, for ease of your mind, you can always sign an NDA to protect your data even further.

Is outsourcing expensive?

Compared to having in-house developers, outsourcing is usually less expensive.

The reason for this cost reduction is you don’t have various additional administrative expenses like hardware, employee benefits, etc. to handle.

Outsourcing via Time & Material

The client gets charged only for the hours the developers have spent working on the project.

  • The advantage: you can control the budget from month to month.
  • The constraint: the overall project budget might be different from what you expected in the first place.
Outsourcing via Fixed Price

At the start of the project, the tasks and features are assessed and estimated. The client gets a total project budget.

  • The advantage: you know exactly how much money you’ll spend.
  • The constraint: you can’t adapt to the market on the go.
What is digitalization?

Digitalization helps to streamline and synchronize internal and external processes of the company with the help of digital tools, such as ERPs, order management systems, e-commerce solutions, etc.

What industries benefit from digitalization?

There is a possibility to implement digital tools in any industry – from real estate to agriculture to retail to banking to education to logistics, etc.

The key to success here is to clearly define business goals and what particular tools would be helpful to remove the bottlenecks in the business processes, reduce administrative costs, and minimize routine manual work to focus on core business.

What technologies does HUSPI use?

There are many great technologies on the market, but at HUSPI, we prefer to have deep expertise in few things rather than shallow expertise in many things.

Therefore, we are into JavaScript and its frameworks (mostly React, React Native, and Node.js.) We also have Unity 3D and AR Core / AR Kit in the portfolio for augmented reality technology.

What is HUSPI role in the project?
Preparatory Work

We provide all the preparatory work necessary to find the optimal solution and its supplier based on market analysis, requirements, and practices.

Management & Reporting

We act as a liaison between the business and the providers (both internal and external) to form a single management and reporting center.

Project Analysis & Management

We take the role of the project managers and/or analysts on the clients’ side in cases of complex or large projects to optimize communication processes.

Software Development

We take care of the software solutions development, a crucial part of the process, and we also do demos for client staff to teach about the solutions we’ve built.

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