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When the commodity prices are too high, life is so changeable and needs are so various, it is almost impossible to own everything you require or may require in future. Times are shifting in favor of sharing economy when renting something becomes a better solution instead of purchasing, if you’re going to use a thing temporary, or lending the conference-room in your office will bring incomes when it is not occupied.

In HUSPI we believe that the idea of sharing economy is extremely perspective as it perfectly matches the client’s behavior in future.

The concept “Buy less, use more” is more flexible and is a fresh alternative to the conservatory hoarding. As living in a syndrome of economy paradox, when the industrial commodities are overproduced in the world but still many people can’t afford buying them, sharing economy is a stabilizing factor minimizing the social gap and creating jobs in a desert.

Such start-ups as Airbnb, DogCacay, RelayRides, TaskRabbits, Getaround and others prove the success of this idea that can be reproduced almost everywhere. That’s why HUSPI is paying special attention to sharing economy business ideas.

Our team is able to develop your sharing economy idea concept from scratch and to make it ultimately exclusive. In our sharing economy products we combine both the innovative business ideas and perfect technical implementation which makes the outcome individual and original.

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