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Digital Strategy for Business Management

Create your business' digital strategy - from entering new markets to elaborate digitization plans.

We live in a tech-driven world, therefore working on reaching that long-term vision for your company is impossible without digital strategy deployment.

HUSPI Digital Strategy Services


We research the business market in order to understand the demographics, target audiences, and competitors.


We create a high-level plan for your business to achieve digitization goals, taking into account the data we got from our research.


Once we’ve identified the project requirements and expectations, we provide recommendations on the technologies to use for maximum optimization and effectiveness.


We analyze the target audience’s needs and wants to understand how to provide the best possible customer experience and encourage high engagement.


Business digitization is not just about the website. We create and rethink the business’ IT architecture to make it streamlined and efficient.


We work with UI and UX designers to craft the wireframes that would maximize the potential user engagement and ensure smooth processes.

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A digital strategy roadmap is one of the keys to success in the modern data-driven world. We give you a competitive advantage by forecasting each step, detecting threats and possible opportunities, and thinking ten steps ahead.

A digital strategy is not just about the company’s website and social media marketing or advertising. It’s about the entire business management process and how it can be simplified and streamlined using the latest software, hardware, data storage systems, cloud, and other technologies. It’s about seamlessly integrating all your business’ products (ERPs, CRMs, websites, logistics systems, team communication, and everything else) into one coherent product.

At HUSPI, we believe that digital strategy is a must for companies that plan to stay up to date with their clients and who prioritize being aware of the business growth in the market within five, ten, or twenty years. Whether you work in FinTech, e-commerce, logistics, healthcare, or any other industry - digital strategy is something that will help you along the way.


Digital Market & Competitors Analysis
Digital Data Usage Recommendations
Strategic Business Processes Architecture
Digital Strategy & Marketing Design
Analysis of the User Experience Performance
UI/UX Blueprints & Digital Strategy Report


To create a working digital strategy for business management, we employ many tools, such as:

  • Perspective Information Analysis
  • Risks Prediction
  • Big Data Statistical Evaluation
  • Customers’ Behavior Study
  • Digital Marketing Strategies
  • AI/ML Forecasting Algorithms

HUSPI as a Trusted Digital Strategy Partner

Our team consists of highly-trained people with Ph.D. in cybernetics and fuzzy logic and working experience in the banking and financial sector, scientific research, and e-commerce companies.

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