Business Analysis and Consulting

Comprehensive Business Analysis Services

Analyze your business idea, current project or business processes with the help of HUSPI professionals.

Business Analysis is the process of identifying business needs and challenges as well as possible solutions. Business Analysis (BA) is the very first step that we advise you to take prior to starting software development.

Business Analysis & Consulting Services

Business Analysis and Consulting


You’ve got business tasks and KPIs to reach, we have experience in optimizing and automating processes using the software. Together we can find the most cost-efficient way.

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You’ve got a business idea, but not sure how to best implement it in real life? We can help to clarify the technical requirements for further development of the software solution.

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Use HUSPI as moderators for writing down and prioritizing your project requirements so that your technical team can create correct estimates, plan, and start the development process.

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Got outdated IT solutions that need updates? Modernize your existing software integrations to bring them up to date with the current technological advances and benefit from optimization.

6 Questions of Business Analysis

Who are the end customers? Who is the target audience for the project?

What customer or business problem do we solve by developing this project?

What is the business doing right now (if anything) to address that problem?

What risks can you foresee and are you willing to take them?

What resources – inside and outside – will this project development require?

Are there any deadlines? How do you know the project is complete?

The business analysis ensures safe and productive project investments, a stable production process, and a smooth release. A business analysis service is useful to companies and organizations of various industries, especially those that deal with e-commerce and retail, logistics, FinTech, MedTech, and others.

At HUSPI, we believe that every client is different, therefore there is no standard set of technologies we use for every single project. We do have our favorite frameworks and libraries (for example, Angular and React for the frontend or Node.js for the backend), but every project has its own requirements and goals.

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The goals of business analysis and audit are:

  • Reducing the costs
  • Finding the right solution to the problem
  • Setting and adhering to deadlines
  • Increasing efficiency
  • Reflecting the correct requirements
  • Keeping the team on the same page

The business audit help with the optimization of the project performance processes or reconfiguration of the existing business to meet the latest requirements and user expectations.

The business analysis also is critical for choosing the technologies that will be used in project development. Each language, framework, and platform have their pros and cons, therefore it is important to understand the ultimate goal and stakeholders’ expectations when choosing the tech for the frontend and backend as well as creating the project’s architecture.

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